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JANIS WEBER, The Mouse Trap; Who moved my Start button?

Who Moved My Start Button?

Way back in the fall of 2012, Microsoft rolled out their newest and greatest operating system. They called it Windows 8. This was the improved Windows 7. It starts quick, does not have bloatware and streamlined the look and feel. At the same time the new owner of this miraculous machine is pulling their hair out. Who moved the Start Button? It is now a Start Screen which is next to the Charm Screen that directs you to the settings and search and where is the Control Panel now? Well, they listened and come this August, Microsoft has improved the OS again with Windows 8.1. Let’s not have another Vista meltdown. Vista had issues, W8 just looks strange.

It includes tweaks to nearly every aspect of the operating system: the lock screen, Start menu, Windows Store and onscreen keyboard. Microsoft also updated its native apps and added some new ones, including a stopwatch and fresh calculator. In some cases, the update even changes the way you interact with the OS. Yes, that means the Start button is back (sort of). You can now snap more than two windows into place, depending on your screen resolution, and also adjust the width of those columns so that it’s not necessarily an 80/20 split. Additionally, Microsoft revamped the way built-in search works so that it’s now more of a universal search engine, serving up apps, files, settings options and web suggestions. Still, if you were hoping for a return to fly-out menu trees, you’re going to be disappointed.

What’s especially nice about Windows 8.1, though, is that you can cut down on the tile clutter altogether. Now, when you download an app, it doesn’t go straight to the Start Screen; instead, it lives in the app menu. That should come as a relief to anybody who impulsively downloaded a bunch of freebies from the Windows Store, only to let them sit there. Also, if you do have a big selection of apps, finding the one you want should be a little easier going forward. Oh, did I mention this upgrade is FREE? Let’s hope it is greeted with open arms.

How To Remove The Windows Logon Password

Do you hate typing in your password every time you turn on your computer? Did you know you can disable this feature? For those of you who use Windows 7 do this: Click Start / Control Panel / Users / Administrative User / Remove Password / Type in your current password then leave it empty and Click OK.

Follow these instructions for Windows 8: Press Windows Key + C, select settings / Click on change PC settings, select Users / Click change password under Sign in options / when prompted, type your current password and leave the new password empty.

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Janis Weber, B.A., owner of Ohio Computer Training, is a professional computer instructor at UT, Lourdes, and MCCC. E-mail any specific questions or comments to  or contact her for assistance at 419/318-9112. Public classes are listed on her website: Private tutoring and repairs are just a phone call or email away.

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