Cub Scouts Come to the AdVantage

Boy Scout pack 149 visited the Sylvania AdVantage on Thursday, April 16, to aid in their achievement of the Bear Badge. Co-Den Leaders Lonnie Zervos and Mary Zervos orchestrated the trip for the boys. Three of the eleven boys- Dylan Griffin, Cooper Zervos and Joseph Flanigan – came to learn the many facets of the newspaper business. They were shown the full spectrum, from the first steps of marketing, to interviews and writing, to the finished product, the newspaper itself. Griffin is nine and is in his first year of Cub Scouts. Zervos is also nine and currently in his third year. Flanigan is eight and finishing his second year.

L-R: Dylan Griffin, Joseph Flanigan and Cooper Zervos visit the Sylvania AdVantage office.
L-R: Dylan Griffin, Joseph Flanigan and Cooper Zervos visit the Sylvania AdVantage office.

Each Den is sponsored by a different organization. Pack 149 is sponsored by Epworth Church. With each new year the Cub Scouts work to achieve a particular Badge at the end of the year. The process to do this begins with the boys choosing 12 of the 24 different achievement options. The 12 achievements are distributed among four categories: God (1), Family (4), Country (3) and finally Self (4). While the boys are not required to participate in the 12 chosen by the Den, they are required to fulfill 12 in order to earn their badge at the end of the year. If additional achievements are earned they rank in a point system earning them an “Arrow” once 10 points are collected. Each Arrow point needs to be completed by the end of the year in order for the Scout to earn his Arrow.

While the Scouts who participated in the AdVantage trip were not working toward earning an Arrow Point, they were working to earn their next achievement. To help encourage this process, each Scout was given an assignment: to hold the job of a journalist.

Below are their articles.

Dylan Griffin:

Cub Scouts is fun. I like Cub Scouts because making the car for the Pine Wood Derby is fun. The activities at Miakonda are fun. We learned how to carve wood with a pocketknife. We got a chance to visit the police station. I look forward to going to summer camp this summer.

Joseph Flanigan:

I like Cub Scouts because of the Pine Wood Derby. You get to make cars out of wood pine and you get to race them. You also get trophies! You also get to take your car home. I have two cars so far. Last year I won second in design.

Cooper Zervos:

These are some things that I like about cub scouts: I like Dad and Lad that they have at Camp Miakonda. I also like Mom and Me at the same place. I like that we learned knife safety. Cub Scouts is fun.