Boomer + Baby = Happy First Father’s Day Love, Happiness & Diapers

June will be extra special for Ron Nagy as he celebrates his first Father’s Day as a new dad. Ron and his wife, Mary, were blessed with the arrival of their son Nash Christian Nagy on Oct. 7 of last year. Life for this Boomer couple has changed with the addition of their beautiful baby boy. I checked in with the new “Boomer” Dad to discuss what the addition of a little bundle of love has meant to this chapter of their lives.

Ron Nagy, with son Nash, is excited to be a first time dad
Ron Nagy, with son Nash, is excited to be a first time dad

What has been the greatest joy with being a new father?

“Just spending time with Nash and hearing him laugh and seeing his smile. Seeing this little baby growing each day into a little boy.”

What has surprised you about having your son?

My schedule is now dictated by his schedule. Having your own child is so different from loving other babies – it’s hard to explain.

What concerns you being a 50+ father?

I think about how long he’ll have a father. I’ve always tried to be healthy – eating right and working out – but now that takes a new focus in the sense that I want to be around and healthy for him.

What are your hopes and dreams for Nash?

Mary and I just want to give him the best life possible. We want him to be able to do what he wants and to follow his dreams, go to college or participate in sports. We hope he is a good person, kind and charitable.