For the Love of Dogs Boomer Pets Benefit from Massage

As a “Booming” adult you may have experienced the grief associated with loss, the stresses that come from changing residences and the frustrations that accompany physical limitations and chronic illness. Your beloved pooch could be dealing with similar issues. Jonathan Rudinger, founder of PetMassage, located at 2950 Douglas Rd. in Toledo, believes it is vital to provide your dog the benefits of massage for their health and well-being. Rudinger was traditionally trained as a registered nurse and medical massage therapist. He brings 25 years of experience to the table (pun intended) as he connects with canines.

Jonathan Rudinger provides hands on love and therapy to his canine friend.
Jonathan Rudinger provides hands on love and therapy to his canine friend.

Everyone Has Needs

“Every dog has unique needs depending on where they are in their lives,” states Rudinger. “Dogs have the same needs as people but cannot express themselves. I often find trigger points while massaging dogs—the same knots that humans contend with—and I’m able to provide relief and comfort.” Rudinger enjoys working with dogs especially when he sees their responses. “Dogs don’t hold back,” he explains. “They don’t have to believe in massage for it to work. There is no placebo effect with canines.”

The Rub of Love

During the aftermath of the 911 World Trade Center crises, the American Red Cross flew in canine massage therapists to assist rescue dogs. Rudinger believes that lapdogs to service dogs deserve a better quality life. His goal is to train everyone 8-80 to participate in the wellness of their pet. “We train professionals and dog owners massage techniques to improve canine flexibility, reduce joint pain and ease transitional stresses,” he states. The next time you hurt going down the stairs or the stresses of life are piling up, look down at your furry friend. Chances are you both could stand a nurturing touch.