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Meet Your Match By Kelle Pack, Toledo Area Humane Society

Did you know that many pets at the Toledo Area Humane Society and other local shelters are there because they were obtained by someone who had unrealistic expectations of the time, effort and money required to sustain a lifelong relationship with a pet? There are many things to consider prior to adopting a pet that can lead to a forever bond between pet and owner.

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Consider why you want to adopt a pet

Do you want a companion, a reason to get out and exercise, or do you have another pet who needs a companion? The answer will help you to determine the right type of pet for your lifestyle.

What are your living arrangements?

Do you have a home with a yard for an active dog? Do you live in an apartment that allows cats? What is your activity level? Can you accommodate long walks with an active pet, or are you looking for a pet to cuddle in your lap while you read?

Have you considered the cost involved when caring for a pet?

You want to make sure that you can afford to provide food and annual vaccinations, as well as emergency veterinary care if needed.


Meeting your perfect match

Many people love puppies and kittens, but a young animal can take a lot of time and extra effort to train. Many times adult animals make the best forever pets, as they are accustomed to people and other animals. The staff at the Toledo Area Humane Society work hard to assess all of the animals’ health and temperaments in order to make the best adoption matches possible.

If you are interested in adopting a pet from the Toledo Area Humane Society, you can use our Meet Your Match Program online at www.toledohumane.org/adopt or stop by the shelter to find the best fit for your personality and household.


Adopting from a shelter

Saving a life, supporting the local rescue group and finding the perfect healthy pet are all wonderful reasons to visit and adopt from the Toledo Area Humane Society. Visit TAHS at 1920 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee,


or call 419/891-0705

Kelle Pack is the Director of Development and Marketing at the Toledo Area Humane Society.