Computer Repair Truths The Personal Touch Helps

In my ten years working within the computer repair industry I have run across countless clients with difficult computer problems. One of the toughest questions I sometimes have to answer is, “Where should my parents, who live on the other side of the country, take their computer for repairs?” The answers may surprise you.

The perception that computer technicians are mathematical geniuses or even “demi-wizards” is far from reality. While it is true it takes a special kind of person with technical knowledge and experience to be a computer technician, what distinguishes us in our industry is our personalities, patience, communication, and perhaps our honesty.

Gabe Ng, right, talks computers with Lorin Cary,  visiting from Morro Bay, Calif.
Gabe Ng, right, talks computers with Lorin Cary,
visiting from Morro Bay, Calif.

A Computer Geek with Personality

Why is personality, patience and communication so important? Inevitably the person who is experiencing computer issues is also suffering from frustration. Let’s face it, when a computer isn’t doing what it is supposed to do, it becomes extremely frustrating. A technician who has the right personality can make all the difference in resolving your issues and calming your frustrations. Every customer comes with their own level of computer knowledge and skills, and its the job of a good technician to clearly communicate to that individual. The last thing a customer needs is to be further frustrated with complicated and mysterious computer jargon. A good technician will listen to their customer, understand their issues, get a feeling for their level of computer knowledge and communicate in a way that satisfies their needs while lowering their level of frustration.

Pre-Search for Help

While honesty is the most obvious quality needed by a good technician, unfortunately it may be the most difficult quality to find. With honesty comes trust, and trust takes time to build. My advice is to find a trustworthy repair business before your computer takes on a problem. Walk into the store, talk to the technicians and ask questions. Try to get a feeling for how they communicate and how they can help if you need to bring a computer in for repairs. Get to know them, so when that tech problem hits, your frustration can be minimized by going to someone you trust with the caring personality to help service your computer.

Gabe Ng is owner of SpaceBar, 5687 Main Street, Sylvania, 419/517-1313.

Lorin and gabe_2627: Gabe Ng, right, talks computers with Lorin Cary,

visiting from Morro Bay, Calif.