Books for Boomers

Do you have all the time and money in the world to travel? Well, if not then armchair travel could be for you. You can visit places all over the world for free and at your own pace. Here are some suggestions to start you on your virtual journey!

Life is a Wheel: Love, Death, Etc., and a Bike Ride across America, Scribner, 2014
By Bruce Weber
“Based on his popular series in the New York Times chronicling his cross-country bicycle trip, bestselling author Bruce Weber shares his adventures from his solo ride across the USA.” (796.6097 Web)

Wide-Open World: How Volunteering around the Globe Changed One Family’s Lives Forever, Ballantine Books, 2015
By John Marshall
A writer, producer, and director shares his experiences volunteering around the world for six months with his family, during which they had many life-changing adventures that reconnected them in ways they never thought possible. (910.41 Mar)

Around the World in 50 Years: My Adventures to Every Country on Earth, Thomas Dunn Books, 2015
By Albert Podell
This is the inspiring story of an ordinary guy who achieved two great goals that others had told him were impossible. First, he set a record for the longest automobile journey ever made around the world. After that-although it took him forty-seven more years-he set another record by going to every country on Earth. (910.4092 Pod)

100 Places You Will Never Visit: the World’s Most Secret Locations, Quercus, 2015
By Daniel Smith
This fascinating guide book takes a look at 100 places around the world that are either so hard to reach, so closely guarded, or so secret that they are virtually impossible to visit any other way. (910 Smi)

At Home: a Short History of Private Life, Doubleday, 2010
By Bill Bryson
With his signature wit, charm, and seemingly limitless knowledge, Bill Bryson takes us on a room-by-room tour through his own house, using each room as a jumping off point into the vast history of the domestic artifacts we take for granted. (643.1 Bry)