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‘The Society’ to be shown at special screening

Northwest Ohio resident and movie producer Cap Averill of Mantis and Moon will unveil his new movie, “The Society,” for the cast, crew, supporters and media on Oct. 3. The movie, based on a true story, will be shown at The Ohio Theater, 3112 Lagrange St., Toledo. After the unveiling, “The Society” will be entered into the film festival circuit. Though ticket fees for the movie will not be charged, donations for Growing Hopes Farms, which is a not-for-profit entity designed to assist autistic people in having complete, well-adjusted and happy lives, will be accepted.

“The Society” is a love story, initially revealing the back story of Greg, a resident of Sylvania, Ohio, who meets an attorney from Bogota, Colombia, online. The movie follows their relationship from falling in love to going through the trials and tribulations of getting a United States visa.

This love story quickly turns into a legal drama about how greedy management can take advantage of people and misuse their power. “The Society” explores how these wrongdoings can have a ripple effect, touching the lives of many while affecting them in an impermeable way. The significant theme is how wrongdoing pushes people to the brink with destruction and dissension occurring between honest friends. The movie is pragmatic but not without hope; it is as much about the triumph as it is about overcoming the process.
The film was written between 2006 and 2012.It was shot partly in Bogotá, Columbia, working with the Colombian film Commission and with the help of Colombian Special Forces.

The United States scenes were shot in Sylvania, Wauseon and Toledo, Ohio. The city of Sylvania and Mayor Craig Stough graciously opened up the town for the movie and Sylvania Police Officer Justin Music assisted in the making of the film.

Laura Glover and The Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce coordinated the use of several Sylvania locations including the Administration Building, The Flower Hospital, Wingate Hotel and the Chamber offices as well as cranes in the streets of Sylvania used to shoot sweeping shots of the city. In addition, local Sylvania resident Kyle Wisniewski was the assistant director for production and post production.
Northwest Ohio local residents were cast in roles as extras, many with speaking parts in the drama. The Honorable James E. Barber, a Fulton County Judge, has his acting debut in the film. He portrays the Judge in the epic courtroom battle between Greg Hill, Jr., and The Society. Judge Barber was also instrumental in securing permission for Mantis and Moon to shoot the courtroom scenes in the historic courthouse in Wauseon, Ohio. The courthouse was a character in and of itself with its rich history and was a notable addition to the film.
The scoring was done under the direction of noted composer Pierre O’Reilly. His path to a music career has been far from straightforward. He served as 3rd and 2nd Navigating Officer in the Merchant Navy for four years where he met Averill on a Mediterranean cruise. They kept in touch and much later a score was born for the film.

After leaving the Navy, O’Reilly decided to pursue his passion of music. A graduate of the Royal College of Music and currently based in London, Pierre is a composer and producer, specializing in music for screen. In 2013, he was the recipient of The Worshipful Company of Musicians Silver Medal.

His career to date has seen him collaborate with Academy Award-nominated director Nicky Phelan and BAFTA-nominated director Eamonn O’Neill. Pierre has worked as arranger/orchestrator on the production of ‘Titanic LIVE’, which premiered at London’s Royal Albert Hall in April 2015.

This is the second collaboration on a full motion picture between Averill and Zachary Gordon, who acted as cinematographer. Their first movie, entitled “Out Of the Shadows,” won the Hollywood International High Definition Award for the best full length motion picture of the festival in 2005. The seven-day festival, held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, awarded Averill and his co-writer Kim Kalouria the highest honor out of 1,100 films.

Mantis and Moon also has three documentaries in the “Thunder Series” nationally televised on Public Television and distributed by the National Educational Television Association, and their most recent, a financial documentary called “Wants and Needs.”

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