Holiday Season Budget Tips

For a happy holiday season, there’s no better preparation than a Holiday Club savings account. Save a few dollars a week during the year and you’ll have a healthy fund available when December rolls around. Members who use the Holiday Club keep them going year after year. Holiday loans can be used for the expenditures of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah and they can even help you through until the new year. Holiday loans can replace the absence of a holiday bonus, or bridge the gap between pay periods and make the holidays less economically stressful.

Holiday loans are priceless during the holiday season.

Here are few other ideas to help you stay on track during the gift-giving season.

Plan ahead. Make a list of everyone you typically buy gifts for and brainstorm gift ideas. When it’s time to shop, you won’t be forced to wander the mall aimlessly.

Create a budget and stick to it. When possible, shop with cash. You’ll be less likely to be tempted by items not on the list.

Buy off-season. Post-holiday sales are a great way to pick up gifts for the upcoming year.

Give the gift of time – volunteer to help a local organization or charity you believe in.

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