NV hockey player scores historic goal

Maizy Crandall plays like a girl and that’s a good thing. When Sylvania Northview High School sophomore Maizy Crandall shot a puck in the goal in the game against Findlay on Feb. 5,she scored more than a point.Crandall made history as the first female to ever score a goal in a Northview varsity hockey game, as well as in the team’s Red Division.

Crandall is a two-year member of the Northview hockey program, playing on the junior varsity team. Shewas called up to varsity in a face off with Findlay. “I was really excited to play varsity,” Crandall recalled. “It’s a highlight just to play on Northview’s team.”

maizy crandall0391

“We had an opening in the lineup,” said head coach Mike Jones. “Our coaching staff evaluated what our best options would be and decided that Maizy fit the bill. She is a really cool kid and a real hockey player. She works hard and adds value to the team.”

He added, “Being a girl is not an issue. Everybody in our program has the greatest respect for her because of her contribution to the team.”

The one activity that her gender dictates is getting dressed in a separate locker room. “When she joins the team, she goes through the same drills and is treated just like everyone else,” Jones related. “She is part of the team.”

Crandall has been skating since she was 2 and began playing hockey on a team at age 4. According to Jones, “Maizy’s work ethic is second to none. Northview is not the kind of team that anyone can play for. The Wildcats hold tryouts every season and Maizy made the team because of her skill set and hard work.”