Local Company Emphasizes Reuse

JAWS®, the Just Add Water System features a pod refill system to deliver ultra concentrated cleaning solutions for use with refillable, reusable bottles and sprayers. JAWS is an innovative and patented system designed to reduce the environmental impact of packaging used in traditional spray cleaning products. Founded on the principle of “Stop Shipping Water … It’s the Right Thing to Do,” JAWS delivers ultra concentrated chemistry in patented pods that are used with reusable bottles and sprayers, providing consumers with high performance products with an economic advantage. JAWS was developed and produced by the Canberra Corporation of Sylvania Township

Unlike traditional cleaning products, JAWS features a ground-breaking pod refill system that encourages consumers to reuse the plastic spray bottle after it is empty. With JAWS, users just add water, insert the pod and twist on the sprayer to release the highly-effective, eco-friendly formula into the reusable bottle. Because a JAWS bottle lasts for up to 26 refills, cleaning with JAWS reduces plastic usage over time by 59 percent versus typical ready-to-use brands. After both the bottle and refill pods are finished they can be recycled.

In addition to cutting down on plastic usage, JAWS formulas are biodegradable and non-toxic so they do not release pollutants into the ground and water systems. Furthermore, when shipping the refill pods to retailers, 30 truckloads of cleaner can be consolidated into one, minimizing carbon emissions and ultimately reducing the company’s overall carbon footprint.

JAWS is available in four different formulas: Glass Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner/Degreaser, Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Daily Shower Cleaner. The combination of a superior formula and a commercial grade sprayer makes JAWS an extremely high-performing product. This innovative cleaning system is made specifically for the modern home; the formula is safe for appliances and surfaces such as stainless steel and granite, as well as for electronics.

Since the JAWS bottle is reusable, consumers can save money by purchasing a refill pod, instead of a new, full bottle. Locally, JAWS is available at Sautter’s Food Center, The Andersons and Walt Churchill’s Market.