Craft beers will soon be available in downtown Sylvania

Nick Dallas is following in his father’s footsteps as part of J&G’s Pizza Palace. J&G’s opened in 1971 and was purchased by the Dallas family in 1979. “My two brothers and I grew up in the business but I am the only one who felt that this business was a fit for me,” he said. “I started working at J&G’s when I was 14, cleaning up around the outside of the building and in the parking lot.And, as a family-owned small business, like my dad and grandfather, I have done everything from making pizzas, gyros, spaghetti and Greek salads to serving as host when necessary.”

Now, he is ready to add a new element to the restaurant. “We have always served beer,” Dallas said. “I am going to bring Upside Brewery to J&G’s in the very near future, opening Sylvania’s very first brewery. I am using a one-barrel system and will have three to four beers on draft to start. Eventually, that selection will grow to more. I plan to rotate different beer styles throughout the year.”

Nick Dallas has installed the fermentation system in the J&G facility and is ready to begin brewing beer.
Nick Dallas has installed the
fermentation system in the J&G facility
and is ready to begin brewing beer.

“This is an opportunity to combine the unique offerings of J&G and its popularity with my love of brewing and the growing popularity of craft beers,” Dallas said. “My parents and I think this will be a winning combination, and an enhancement for our menu offerings. We make everything here from scratch using the best ingredients. We are a hands-on operation and pay attention to detail, particularly on how we prepare the food. The same will hold true for the brewery.”

Dallas has the fermentation system in the basement of the restaurant and the brewing plant on the first floor.

Five years ago, Dallas began brewing beer as a hobby. “I had a love of craft beers and had been visiting breweries whenever possible to taste different beers. I also have educated myself, reading everything I could about brewing,” Dallas noted. As brewing evolved from a hobby to a more serious endeavor, Dallas has taken classes and plans on continuing his education as time permits. He has spent the last year planning for the new brewery opening.