A Student Speaks

­­–By Libby Stupica

Libby Stupica

As the beginning of the school year approaches, it’s hard not to feel that bidding summer farewell is like saying goodbye to an old friend you might never see again. Though the sunny days provide us with a sense of being free of obligations, the school year isn’t too bad either. In fact, it might just prove itself superior to summer. Don’t believe me? Consider: Ten Reasons Why the School Year Trumps Summer

1. Thanks to mandatory wake-up times and class schedules, the questions “do I have lunch or breakfast or both after waking up at Noon?” and “if I do have breakfast this late, do I have lunch or dinner in five hours?” don’t apply anymore. In short, your eating schedule will be flawless.

2. Speaking of eating, you may conveniently happen to pass an ice cream shop like I do on the way home from school each day that invites you to make frequent pitstops.

3. Uniforms may extinguish all creative juices when it comes to self-expression, but they do eliminate wardrobe dilemmas and provide a nice excuse to hit the snooze button.

4. Groggy cold mornings give a valid excuse to splurge on a quality cup of coffee that a) wouldn’t go well with the summer heat and b) is too expensive to drink just for kicks.

5. Homework assignments, long-term projects, sports practices and meetings change your life through your new love for organization and list-making.

6. You can shake out the cobwebs and fill your noggin with an abundance of knowledge and new perspectives and form your own opinion through discussions instead of scrolling through a ranting Twitter account.

7. You say goodbye to your summer job and hello to the wad of cash that is just begging you to treat yourself.

8. You can slowly begin to pack up your stash of SPF.

9. Instead of being overwhelmed by photoshopped body-morphing swimwear ads, you can enjoy mediocre history reenactment films where
fashion is obsolete.

10. You no longer have to try to readjust your work schedule to get to see your friends. Instead, they start each of your mornings with a hug and a smile, and even though you may be stressed and longing for summer again, they remind you that you are more than capable of accomplishing everything that life throws your way.