ProMedica Cancer Institute Affiliates With Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center

ProMedica Cancer Institute and Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center have established a formal affiliation to expand access to highly-specialized cancer treatments, clinical expertise and research studies for patients in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Cancer specialists at ProMedica and Cleveland Clinic will now regularly consult and collaborate on patient treatment plans for all types of cancers including those that are rare and more complex. Additionally,both organizations will work together to ensure a seamless and well-coordinated experience for patients.

“Two is better than one and when two well-respected healthcare leaders combine their expertise, it will result in new levels of cancer care for patients,” said Kenneth Krupp, M.D., hematologist/oncologist and director of oncology medical operations, ProMedica Physicians. Dr. Krupp is among a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists from ProMedica and Cleveland Clinic who will work toward providing high-quality, cost-effective and technology-driven care for patients with cancer.

“This affiliation is a formal relationship: two oncology leaders coming together to collaborate and work together. This benefits the patient. We will have the opportunity to share best practices. Physicians from both systems will be able to participate in cancer conferences—where the patient is reviewed by experts and a treatment plan developed. And for certain treatment that may not be available locally, the patient will have access to specialized treatments by a national leader. Second opinions will be handled by dedicated nurse navigators to simplify the process for the patient. And, there remains a strong commitment for the patients to return to our community for care that can be provided here. Two is better than one and for both ProMedica and
Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center, we are working together for the patient,” noted Ann M. Kujawa MSN, RN, OCN Vice President, ProMedica Cancer Institute.

An immediate benefit of the new ProMedica and Cleveland Clinic connection is a streamlined referral process to make it easier for patients to obtain second opinion consults with a Cleveland Clinic cancer specialist.

“As cancer is not one disease, but hundreds, the demand for second opinions is rising,” said Brian Bolwell, M.D., chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center. “Our affiliation with ProMedica will make it easier for second opinions as both institutions will share treatment planning via tumor boards and care pathways and ProMedica physicians will have an expedited process to facilitate with Cleveland Clinic specialists. This will also foster collaboration and allow us to share best practices.”

The first year of this affiliation will focus on sharing quality metrics and best practices. The organizations will also evaluate ways to collaborate on clinical research and cancer specific training opportunities.

Patients may request a second opinion through their primary care physician or oncology specialist or by calling the ProMedica Cancer Institute. They will be referred to a care navigator who will advise and assist them through the process of identifying the best treatment options and specialists available.
“Patients have the right to request a second opinion and our caregivers will help expedite that process. Our top priority is to ensure that patients receive the best care possible and are comfortable and confident with their treatment,” said Dr. Krupp.

ProMedica has four cancer centers located in Adrian and Monroe, Mich., and in Fremont and Sylvania. In addition, the health system provides comprehensive cancer services including diagnostics and treatments, genetic counseling, complimentary care and survivorship services at its hospitals in
Defiance, Fostoria, Oregon and Toledo.

For more information visit:

or call the ProMedica Cancer Institute at:  877/291-1441.