THE MOUSE TRAP – 09.13.16

–by Janis Weber

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Microsoft’s Edge and Other Browsers
With the birth of Windows 10 comes its new browser. Internet Explorer is gone and has been replaced by Microsoft Edge. It is still the blue symbol but a totally new layout and content. Actually, Explorer was not so reliable lately so the reinvention is pretty good. Over the past 20 years, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has endured a progression from newcomer to monopoly to bloated security nightmare to steadily improving. Even though it was getting better in the last few years, it had too much negative history and built-in bloat. That’s why Microsoft decided to replace Internet Explorer with the brand new Microsoft Edge. The idea was that it would be redone from the ground up with solid security and lightning speed.

Right away we’ll tell you that Edge is better to use than Internet Explorer. It’s more secure and runs the latest websites better. The interface is more modern, although things like the disappearing address bar do take some getting used to. However, it isn’t going up against Internet Explorer, it’s facing off with rival browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and the speedy but little-used Opera. These are all solid long-standing options and available for free, so is there any reason to use Edge instead? Microsoft implemented so many add-ons, features and security patches to Internet Explorer that the once-speedy web browser became seriously slow. Edge’s Reading List is quite cool, too. It lets you save an interesting web page so you can go back hours or days later to read it. To jog your memory, each saved Reading List page has a helpful photo from the article and its headline, which puts it a step above bookmarks and favorites.

However, the latest version of Firefox has something similar thanks to the integrated Pocket service, and you can add other services through extensions. Chrome and Opera can add this type of convenience as well through extensions. It takes Edge an average of 3.24 seconds to open a web page. That’s a full second longer than its takes Internet Explorer to open a page! Of course, it’s good to keep in mind that Edge has the potential to be much faster than IE could ever be. Prior to Edge’s release, users overwhelmingly felt that Firefox and Chrome were the most secure web browsers. But the reality is when you look at every nook and cranny for web browser vulnerabilities, Edge and Chrome are the two most secure browsers.

Please be aware that not all websites function well on all browsers. If you are having any issues with a website you need to rely on, try another browser. There is no one winner except the one that works best for you. Edge will do less draining of your battery yet Firefox loads faster. It is best to have more than one browser downloaded on your computer. The PC comes with Edge these days on Windows 10. You must download Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Always better to have more than one car at your disposal for cruising the city in case one is not working. Just like having more than one browser on your computer.

Do You Have a Laptop?
Would you like to have a mini informational get-together? Recently I have been hosting PC and iPhone/iPad classes at homes and facilities like churches, businesses and schools. Informal and informative. Gather your friends (like the old Rubbermaid and Tupperware days). We all use the local Wi-Fi and toss questions and scenarios around that we all learn from. It is amazing how many different issues are solved and how many people who did not even know a topic was something they turned out to be thrilled with. I have lots of unknown hints and tips for everyone. Bring a list of questions. Let’s get started.

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