The Savvy Sylvanian gets happy and smooth

by Mary Helen Darah

Becky Wanemacker, manager of European Wax Center, and Sue Gehring, owner of European Wax Center, want customers to 'walk in and strut out' of their new facility feeling happy and smooth.
Becky Wanemacker, manager of European Wax Center, and Sue Gehring, owner of European Wax Center, want customers to ‘walk in and strut out’ of their new facility feeling happy and smooth.


I come from a long line of “primp challenged” females. The only experience I have had in hair removal via waxing was when my then 15-year-old daughter “borrowed” (sans permission) her sister’s hot wax equipment. The end result was my young adult being left with half an eyebrow and a situation that defies explanation “south of the border.” Therefore, I was filled with trepidation and a tad fearful upon entering the European Wax Center, located at 5231 Monroe St.

I was greeted by owner Sue Gehring and Becky Wanemacker, manager of the new facility. Gehring is a seasoned professional in her field and has owned ‘Head Over Heels’ salon in Sylvania for the past 15 years. She and her husband learned of the company through a friend. “My husband played golf with him. He is a motivational speaker and spoke at the European Wax Center’s annual convention,” she recalled. “He told us that this business has their stuff together. In fact, they are the 15th fastest growing company. We began researching the business and were impressed with that we learned. We started this adventure 18 months ago and are excited to bring the business to the area.”

More than eyebrows
The European Wax Center offers a full line of services. “We provide full body waxing for men and women. For men we work on all areas except under the undershorts,” explained Wanemacker. “A lot of men come in for back waxing, brows and those nasty nose and ear hairs.” I wanted to know if either of them had seen the waxing scene in the movie, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin’ and if men were less tolerant to discomfort, but I somehow managed to maintain my professionalism. They proceeded to reassure me that they use a unique comfort wax that makes the process less painful. All of their wax specialists are trained by the corporation. In addition to technique, corporate stresses the importance of efficiency in a fast-paced world. “We have moms who are really busy who love it that they can be in and out quickly. Most services can be done in 15 minutes,” stated Wanemacker. This was reassuring since I was unaware of how long I would have to keep up my facade of bravery.

When in Rome
I put my trust and body surfaces in the capable hands of wax specialist Morgan Searle. First time guests receive complimentary services and I chose getting my brows done from a list of options. She informed me that brows are huge and are featured in many fashion magazines. In addition to waxing, she also uses pencil and powder to enhance a client’s look. I asked her what service is the most popular. She informed me that the “Brazilian” is most requested by her clientele. I then realized I had yet another unknown vocabulary word to Google.

I successfully made it through the eyebrow waxing literally pain-free. Searle used some items from the Center’s product line that includes everything from exfoliating gels to brow liners, before asking me if I desired any additional services. I will spare you the intimate details but I will say that I took a giant leap (actually a baby step) out of my comfort zone. The European Wax Center’s motto is, “Walk in. Strut out.” Upon leaving the friendly staff and owners after a successful experience, I did not strut. I did however, feel relieved that this “primp challenged” woman overcame her DNA and left feeling happy … and smooth.