–by Mike Jones

Website Contract Awarded
Sylvania Township trustees have authorized John Zeitler, township administrator, to enter into a contract with InfoStream Solutions to develop a new website for the township. The contract calls for a payment of $12,425.

Mr. Zeitler said that one of the factors favoring the company is their use of a system that will allow for maintaining the site by township employees. He said that alone would create an annual savings of $6,000.

He added that the new site will include many forms which will be available online so citizens won’t have to come to the township administration building to complete them.

“The site will be much more interactive,” he said.

The administration will meet soon with the company to develop specific items to be included in the site and develop a time-line for it implementation.

Program for Senior Home Visits
Sylvania Township police department, in partnership with the Lucas County Office on Aging, is taking preliminary steps to establish a program meant to result in periodic, informal home visits to older residents in the  community.

Deputy Chief Ray Carroll said he is seeking volunteers to join what will be know as Sylvania Township Senior Volunteers. The volunteers, in groups of two, will visit those residents who seek the service. The chief said the primary purpose is just to create a pleasant visit and hopefully brighten everyone’s day.

In addition, the chief said, volunteers will be encouraged to be alert for circumstances where some help might be needed.

“They might notice that a step to the porch is loose. The county office on aging has connections with a lot of resources and we might be able to offer some help,” Chief Carroll said. He stressed, though, that an informal visit is the primary purpose of the program. If the volunteers notice something or if the individual asks for help with some issue, the program is designed to find assistance.

The chief said he is seeking volunteers, aged 55 and above, and said the anyone interested in the program can call him at 419/720-3012.

Library Sidewalk
Sylvania Township will contribute $5,000 toward the construction of a sidewalk along Sylvania Avenue meant to make it easier and safer for Southview High School students to reach the new branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library under construction on King Road.

The issue had reached a certain level of notoriety because of, first a report that the township would take part in the construction, and then a report that the township had decided against it. The speculations was all before the matter had ever been considered by the trustees.

At a recent meeting, primarily citing enhanced safety for the children as well as potential use by Sylvania Township residents, the trustees agreed to contribute to the construction of the sidewalk meant to run from the high school to near the King Road intersection