Leaving a Legacy

–by Jeff Bucher

How to live and give the way you want to

Jeff Bucher, President, and Kevin Bucher, Vice President of Citizen Advisory Group.
Jeff Bucher, President, and Kevin Bucher, Vice President of Citizen Advisory Group.


Excerpt from Chapter 9 of Jeff and Kevin Bucher’s book titled “Beyond the Summit: The Hard-Working American’s Retirement Guide.”

Creating a purposeful legacy entails retirement planning that goes beyond growing your accounts. From the get-go, one of our mantras to our clients is: We will help you prepare a purposeful legacy to guarantee that your children and grandchildren will get the money you want them to have—without cramping your style.

Naturally, everyone has different goals in retirement. Some people want to spend all of their money—they feel that they’ve earned it, so they’re going to spend it. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are people who don’t spend a dime because they want to leave as much money as possible to their family. The majority of people fall somewhere in between, but no matter what, if part of a client’s goal is to provide a legacy for their family, we find them the most financially sound way to do so.

When we hear a client say, “Oh, leaving money to my kids is not important,” we know that what often underlies this statement is fear. The reality is, as people begin to near retirement—as we age—we begin to worry: “I’m worried about getting myself through life. I can’t worry about my children—who are grown adults.” What it all comes down to for us, then, is setting up an income plan. When we set up a plan that shows our clients how income will be generated for them and for their spouses for the rest of their lives, no matter how long they live, it empowers them to see things differently. It empowers them to give while they are alive, and to leave a legacy through life insurance, because if the income is there, they see that they may as well spend it. Our income plan allows many clients to spend while they are living and still have money to pass on to their loved ones when the time comes.

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