is a boon for nerds and geeks of all ages

–by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Jacob Vogel spends a good bit of time in his Star Wars-themed bedroom in front of his computer.
Jacob Vogel spends a good bit of time in his Star Wars-themed bedroom in front of his computer.

Southview and Lourdes University graduate Jacob Vogel, and self-proclaimed nerd, is the creative force behind the two-year-old website,

“This is a pop culture site focusing on everything that appeals to nerds and geeks like me,” Vogel said. “There is gaming, comics, books, movies, anime and much more.” Vogel explained that the term anime is used to refer specifically to animation from Japan often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastical themes.

The site has three aspects according to Vogel. He gathers and posts information and timely topics in the News section from a variety of sources important to nerds and geeks.

Vogel developed what he terms “Vaults” to hold the timelines that he compiles. For quite some time, Vogel found frustration looking for information on how best to read certain serialized materials. “I like to start at the beginning and stay on track when I’m reading a comic or book series. When I started to pick up comics, I didn’t know in what order to read them. There was no easy way to attack books in a logical way. No one was able to guide me so I started developing my own process,” he said. “I gather lots of information from others to gain a clear timeline.”

Vogel’s current focus is on Marvel Comics and Star Wars books. He plans to move on to the DC Comics next. In addition, Vogel has created a catalog of wearables, memorabilia and other retail products that appeal to fellow nerds and geeks, which he posts in his Virtual Store online.

“We bring everything together on one site. It is easy and user friendly and is as all-inclusive as possible. offers news, logical timelines for comics and books and a store all in one,” he reflected.

Vogel’s personal favorites include Star Wars, Harry Potter and Spider-Man. He would like to team up with other nerds and geeks who have expertise in other areas in order to expand the website.

Vogel’s mother, Mary, serves as her son’s administrator and the web designer. She also accompanies him to trade shows, conventions and other events such as the Sylvania Farmers Market during the Pokémon event.  “We want to be part of events like this,” she offered. While she originally did not consider herself a nerd or geek, she has found that she now thinks she has become one.

“Actually, it is now kind of an in thing to be a nerd,” she chuckled.

Mrs. Vogel is not surprised by her son’s entrepreneurial spirit. “He used to make greeting cards, Kids Kards, which he sold to friends and family. He is always seeing how something could be done a little better,” she said.