New Faces in Downtown Sylvania

–by Sylvania AdVantage Staff


The Sylvania Community Arts Commission has selected a design entry for the newest mural installation in downtown Sylvania. The concept of having a mural on the building at 5658 Main St. was an idea brought to Dave Navarre, the SCAC Public Art chair, by the building owner John Wallace of ReNew Properties.

The original call for artists required design submissions to show what the theme of “community” meant or looked like to the artist. Of the many designs submitted, the selection committee chose the entry of 2015 Southview graduate John Bucher as the winner.

“I chose to take an abstract approach toward the idea of community. Instead of depicting different members of the community through realistic depictions such as clear distinctions of skin color, expression of race and culture, etc., I decided to create individuality of each depicted image, but altogether shares an element with other images and serves to complete and benefit the whole,” said Bucher.

“My entry depicts five different faces, heavily stylized and expressive. I wanted to create a piece of art that people could scan and appreciate both as a visually interesting piece of art and its conceptual meaning. The vibrant approach was also taken to really add a strong ‘pop’ of color and style to the area that would appeal to a broad audience.”

Jennifer Archer, executive director of SCAC, explained that the committee of business owners, artists and commission members selected this specific design because they felt it reflected the dynamic energy of the community in Sylvania today, and it will enhance the downtown that is home to many creative businesses and stores, galleries and restaurants.

This project was funded through a generous sponsorship by Dave White Chevrolet and public arts funds raised through various SCAC events. The design was reviewed and approved by the Downtown Sylvania Association and the city of Sylvania Architectural Review Board.

The artist, committee members and other volunteers working at 5658 Main St. in downtown Sylvania will paint the mural over the course of several weeks.

If you feel inspired to be a part of this installation or involved in other SCAC events, please contact the Sylvania Community Arts Commission and be a part of the arts in the community.