Short Horts 10.18.16

November gardening tips
by Alaina Meister

Winter is just around the corner. Alaina Meister, the ‘Garden Meister,’ shares some ‘short horts’ (quick horticultural suggestions) for putting your garden to bed for the winter.


•           Water your perennials and flowering shrubs in the fall; they will thank you for it this winter.

•           Once the ground has frozen hard, cut perennials back to 3 inches and mulch them with a thick                                      layer of leaves or straw.

•           If you plan to put in a new flower bed next spring, cover that area now with mulch or heavy                                        plastic to discourage emergent growth when the ground warms up in the spring.

•           Move potted chrysanthemums to a sheltered spot when their flowers fade. Water well and cover                                  with a thick layer of straw to overwinter them. Many mums fail because they are planted too late                              and don’t have a chance to develop a good root system.          

•           When a frost blackens the leaves of dahlias, gladioli and cannas, carefully dig them up and let                                      them dry indoors on newspaper for a few days. Then pack in Styrofoam peanuts, dry peat moss,                               or shredded newspaper and store in a dark, humid spot at 40° to 50°F until spring.

Alaina Meister has been a master gardener since 1994. She has been honored for her outstanding volunteerism and environmental initiatives. The ‘Garden Meister’ is a member of the Maumee Garden Club, Anthony Wayne Garden Club, Maumee Valley Herb Society and Maumee Uptown Business Association and founded the Friends of Side Cut Metropark. Boomers is thrilled to share her wisdom and her enthusiasm for the great outdoors.