Genius Garage opens program for high school students

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Casey Putsch points out the features of the eight-lane slot car race track that high school students will be racing their cars.

Casey Putsch, president and founder of Genius Garage, a 501(c)3 educational experience, has expanded  the Genius Garage Speed Lab to include a high school program. The four-month educational session begins the end of November and runs through March 2017 when the collegiate program gets underway. Up to eight students will be accepted to the program that began four years ago in Columbus to provide college-age students the opportunity to bridge the gap between the classroom and industry.

Students in the high school program will be involved with 1/24-scale slot car model racing as their laboratory environment.  The Speed Lab program will feature model cars built by students that will do 0-60 miles per hour in as little as 0.3 seconds. “These cars can hit speeds of 50-100 mph and aerodynamics is all that keeps them planted with motors that are calculated to spin as high as 300,000 rpm. We will even create and use a functional wind tunnel to test car designs,” Putsch explained. “Students will learn team work and develop personal and professional skills including design, engineering and sportsmanship. Students will be required to keep an engineering journal and be responsible for writing a paper along with some research assignments. They will also take several field trips during their program.”

Students are accepted into the program at no cost to them but are required to commit to spending two evenings a week and one weekend day each month for the four-month session.

To apply, students need to submit a resume highlighting extra-curricular pursuits, hobbies, creations, awards, volunteer work, jobs, special classes and grades along with a letter explaining why they would be a good addition to the Genius Garage program and why they think the program would be good for them.

Applications may be emailed to by Nov. 20.

The collegiate program, which runs from March through October, includes forming an actual professional-level auto racing team where the students design, build and support their car at races around the country.

“The focus is to give the most driven young people with an interest and aptitude in cars, engineering and design the opportunity to grow without limits in a constructive, competitive and professional environment,” Putsch said. “An added benefit is that with this experience on their resumes, college students stand out from the rest when they enter the job market.”

Recently Putsch, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and racing driver known for his automotive creations and accolades, moved back to northwest Ohio to join Central Classic Cars to expand and grow the business based on his professional background. He also relocated Genius Garage in an adjoining facility at 8444 W. Central Ave.

“Our collegiate program has been very successful and those who have participated have gained tremendous experience and have landed incredible jobs,” Putsch stated. “The program was set up to allow students the opportunity to face real challenges and do something big that would be a shining spot on their resumes and it has.”

He added, “This is the only program that allows kids to actually touch race cars. This is exciting for all of us, and it’s great to watch the growth and success of each of the students in the program.”

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