THE MOUSE TRAP – 11.15.16

–by Janice Weber

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My Laptop Will Not Start
Has this ever happened to your laptop? You try everything. It was working yesterday. Now what? The simplest thing to do is this: make sure the computer is turned off and the lid is closed. Turn it over and look around. The battery compartment is almost as long as the computer so look for a release tab or sometimes two. Now, screwdriver in hand, just slice the tabs until the battery case pops open. Gently remove the long battery and set it aside.

Make sure the power cord is not plugged in. This part is important. Push and hold the start button for a minimum of 30 seconds. Plug the laptop back into the power source and push the start button like normal. If you still cannot start it, then do these steps again. If all is well, you can turn off the computer and reinsert the battery. The action of resetting the power and all its sources can refresh the computer. Still no luck? There are many reasons past the easy.  You may need a technician at this point. I hope this easy trick helped.

Email Wows
I bet you get tons of email that is just plain junk. I also assume you delete them and wonder why more and more come back. Let me explain how some of this works. You have an email that is from You delete it. You did not even look to see exactly who it came from right? Soon you get another email from You had no idea that was being used over and over. If you merely delete an email and not report it as spam, the sender assumes it made it to your in-box and keeps sending you more notes even under a different name like sally or ben.

What you need to do is report the sender’s extension of as spam. Some email software will let you identify all senders from like this. * This asterisk signifies any senders from This way you will cease getting email from that organization. Do this to all your potential spam and junk and you will see a huge difference in the amount of unwanted email you receive.

If you cannot find access to the customization of the entire organization, at least click on each junk email and report it as spam. Don’t just delete it. Did you know that if you even open to see the entire mail before deleting it, the sender knows? Now that they know you are a real person, your address is sold to multiple sources. Here come more and more and more. Someone is making money sooner or later with multiple attempts to get your attention.

Do You Have a PC Laptop?
Would you like to have a mini informational get-together? Recently I have been hosting PC and iPhone/iPad classes anywhere that has Wi-Fi. Informal and informative. We can all use the same local Internet. We will pick a topic using open discussion. It is amazing how many different issues are solved. Bring a list of questions. Let’s get started.

I Make House Calls
I will come to your home or office and help you with almost any predicament including repairs, upgrades and general software or hardware issues. I can be your resident “Geek.” I have an endless amount of patience and knowledge with years of experience. Give me a call at 419/318-9112. References and rates are always available upon request. Don’t forget to sign up for my Free Newsletter at Subscribers will get a copy of this article plus added hints, tips and trusted/valuable web-links.

Janis Weber, B.A., owner of Ohio Computer Training, is a professional computer adjunct instructor at UT and Lourdes University. All classes are offered though the Eberly Center at UT with free parking.  E-mail any specific questions or comments to:

or contact her for assistance at 419/318-9112.

Public Classes are listed on her website:

The classes at UT offer inexpensive and totally non-intimidating.
Call 419/ 530-8570 to register. Private tutoring and repairs are just a phone call or email away.