The season of giving

Fred LeFebvre maintains the spirit of giving all year
by Mary Helen Darah

Fred LeFebvre loves playing ‘Santa’ by donating his time to nonprofits throughout the year.
Fred LeFebvre loves playing ‘Santa’ by donating his time to nonprofits throughout the year.

Fred LeFebvre, morning host at 1370 WSPD, loves to “play Santa” throughout the year. The philanthropic radio personality, originally from Detroit, landed in Toledo in 1980 and has been here ever since. LeFebvre is known for highlighting and participating in nonprofit events. “When I first got here we had some charity stuff going on every weekend at the radio station,” he recalled. “We were involved in local nonprofit events all the time. It became a part of what we did and giving back became ingrained in my daily life.” According to LeFebvre, many stations have currently changed their philosophy and involvement in freely assisting charities. However, he has personally maintained the spirit of giving by continuing to help in any way he can. “I don’t have a lot of money,” stated LeFebvre. “Yet there are many ways to help besides giving funds. I offer my time as a participant to give organizations a louder voice and to let people know how they can get involved in their community. Toledo has always been generous. Anyone who has done charity work in this area knows they can get a pretty good response here.”

LeFebvre has supported an eclectic mix of organizations. The one with the greatest longevity for the radio host is the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society. “I started getting involved with the MS Society when my coworker Trisha Courtney Tischler was diagnosed with MS,” said LeFebvre. “The following year, I started riding in the ‘MS Bike to the Bay.’ This is going to be my tenth year.”

This year LeFebvre participated in the American Cancer Society’s ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ initiative. “I wore a different pink shirt every day for the month of October,” he recalled. “I then spread awareness throughout ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ via my social media venues.”

LeFebvre, who has a stepson in the U.S. Army Reserve, is also supportive of veterans and active members of the military. “I enjoy being part of ‘Dancing with the Military Stars’ and ‘Trees for Troops,’ which gives over 170,000 farm-grown Christmas trees to those who are actively serving in all branches of the military. I never served but those guys have given it all for their country. They deserve everything we can give them. I will do anything and everything for our vets.”

For those interested in giving back this holiday season, LeFebvre has a list of his favorite charities on his website, He believes that everyone can make a difference.

“I know that this stuff works when somebody tells me that they heard something on the show or my Facebook or Twitter and has taken advantage of it,” he stated. “Recently, we did something with a suicide prevention group. They called to thank me and to tell me that someone contemplating suicide had called them and they were able to help. That was very meaningful. You don’t often get to hear those success stories and when you do, it’s very gratifying.”

In the year ahead, LeFebvre plans to continue giving to the community. “I’m not planning on retiring any time soon. I will keep going as long as I have a voice,” he said. “I will use any time I can to promote the local nonprofits and causes I believe in.”

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