Resident of Bittersweet to train and ski for Special Olympics

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Beth Meyer in training.
Beth Meyer in training.

For the ninth year in a row, Bittersweet’s resident Beth Meyer will spend a week up north to train and ski at the Boyne Mountain Resort.  Each year, Meyer prepares for the Boston Mills and Brandywine Special Olympics Competition held this year on Feb. 1-2, in Cleveland.  During Jan.  22-27, Meyer will receive daily two hour private lessons from the best and most experienced ski instructors at Boyne Mountain Resort.  In addition to training and lessons, Meyer gets to enjoy the benefits of the mountain resort such as staying in a private room donated by a member of the Michigan Alpine Competition Council, water park activities, and riding on the snow groomer at least once during her stay.

Meyer said, “This ski trip means the world to me.  Not only is skiing a great adrenaline rush, but it’s also very therapeutic. Skiing is a great physical activity, and the training I receive while at Boyne Mountain gets me into shape for racing.  I’m so thankful to Gino, Boyne Mountain, the Toledo Ski Club, and MACC for sponsoring me each year.”

Gino Chiappetta from C.H. Asset Management generously arranges and donates funds each year that give Meyer this incredible opportunity. The Boyne Ski School, Michigan Alpine Competition Council, Toledo Ski Club, and personal funds also help to provide the funding for Meyer to train at Boyne Mountain Resort.


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