Talking to the animals is an every day happening for this animal communicator

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Jack the donkey visits with his friend Diane Schuette at the Healing Barn in Millbury, Ohio.
Jack the donkey visits with his friend Diane Schuette at the Healing Barn in Millbury, Ohio.

As a little girl, Diane Schuette said she could talk to animals and they would talk back to her. “I thought everybody could do that,” she recalled. “But, my great-grandfather cautioned me against letting people know what I could do.”

Even so, she said she wanted to work with animals when she grew up. “I said I want  to help animals and make them well,”  she remembered.

As she matured, she put her special gift aside, but never was completely comfortable ignoring it. “I felt something was missing from my life,” she admitted. When she finally began talking to  animals again, she felt as if she were herself, adding, “I was so happy and excited.”

She soon found her niche and began offering her services as an animal communicator and psychic. She added to her portfolio when she became a certified massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, fulfilling her longtime hope to help animals and make them well.

Schuette has worked successfully with animals in Florida where she lived for many years, and then locally, as well as Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan after she returned to Sylvania.

While she can communicate with all animals, her main focus has always been on horses.

Schuette has also used her gifts to assist with rescue efforts. She worked with cadaver dogs to help find survivors in the aftermath of the World Trade Center bombing, for example. She also helps veterinarians and rescue organizations with animals who have been abused and neglected. Since returning to Northwest Ohio nearly two years ago, she has formed a close relationship with Nancy Swigart who, with Allen Wells, manages the Healing Barn in Millbury, Ohio, which was developed to rehabilitate horses with physical and emotional problems. Schuette spends time communicating and working with horses and other animals there.

In addition, Schuette works with dogs, cats, horses and other animals in their homes or wherever is convenient. She does readings on animals and not their human companion.  “I use all five senses, taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight along with imagination,” she related. The interaction is very informal. “I always ask permission to talk with them or to touch them. Animals are truthful and open and always possess unconditional love. Animals have very rich emotional lives.”

Schuette also helps people identify the right animal for their lifestyle as part of the adoption process. “Many people fall in love with animals because they are cute without sorting through whether an animal or breed is right for their lifestyle. After an unsuccessful adoption, and an animal is returned, neglected or abused, the animal pays a tremendous price. Emotionally, an animal who is returned or abandoned suffers the same type of emotional distress that a child would do. By working with individuals before adoption, we are able to ensure a good fit for all family members,” she reported.

“My goal is to help people understand how their animals are thinking and feeling and to make sure that animals and their companions are happy and understanding of each other.”