Is there interest in a Sylvania-area co-working space?

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Sylvania Community Improvement Corporation
Is there interest in a Sylvania-area co-working space?

The Sylvania Area CIC, a coalition of business and community leaders who encourage area economic and business development, is currently determining community interest in opening a co-working space and assessing possible downtown Sylvania locations if interest is confirmed.

What is a co-working space? Don Miller, the current operator of the downtown Toledo co-working space, Seed Co-working, and also a potential partner in the project explained, “Co-working offices provide Wi-Fi, work areas, a community of like-minded individuals, and the availability of a conference room. It is for those seeking professional office space without the financial burden of their own property lease. Those choosing a co-working space have the flexibility to purchase various options to best meet their business’s needs. Co-working spaces also offer other valuable opportunities such as networking among peers.”

The co-working space in Sylvania would be priced comparable to the rates at Seed in downtown Toledo which offers unlimited use and a permanent desk for $175 a month, guaranteed space twice a week for $85, or space once a month for $25. One- and two-day plans allow for extra days to be purchased at a rate of $10 a day.

Are you interested in joining a co-working space in Sylvania?
Contact the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce at 419-882-2135. In order for the

In order for the SACIC to move forward and determine the best location, it is imperative to assess community interest.

For additional information and details on this co-working space, contact
Don Miller at 419-290-6141

John Healey at

Bill Sanford at 419-885-0482