The Savvy Sylvanian’s Nala Gets Primped … A Visit to Overmeyer Grooming

–by Mary Helen Darah

Master Groomer Kim Sherburne presents a freshly groomed Nala to the Savvy Sylvanian. The Golden immediately bonded with Sherburne for numerous reasons including her choice of OSU attire.

I was not so politely informed by a few family members that my beloved Golden Retriever, Nala, needed a good “de furring” session before she would be permitted in their home. I knew I would have a pouting pooch if we were not allowed over to their acre property that receives regular visits from deer and other bark-inducing critters, so I made a phone call to Kim Sherburne at Overmeyer Grooming.

Sherburne has been at Overmeyer Veterinary Center for 14 years. Previously, she was into finance and not fur. “I worked as an account administrator in the finance department for the city of Toledo when I got Crohn’s Disease,” she recalled. “A friend of mine said that since we both love animals we should go into grooming. I went to grooming school, got my first Havanese (small dog breed) and have been grooming, breeding Havanese and showing ever since.”

Sherburne is a ‘Master Groomer.’ This distinction requires more training and advanced classes for breed specific grooms. She works on all dog breeds in addition to cats and rabbits. “I have had requests for birds, but I don’t do birds,” she stated. “Some dogs can be challenging especially in regards to toenails. Cats also have proven to be unpredictable. One minute they are peaceful and the next they can pounce like a lion.” Her assistant, Samantha Sekuski agrees and adds, “Sometimes it can be like a rodeo and they take you for a ride.”

Despite some challenging moments, Sherburne says that she forms a strong bond with the animals she grooms and does everything she can to meet the needs of her clients. “Zach, a canine she grooms, is 11 years old and has been coming to me since he was a puppy,” she fondly recalled. “I get close to clients as well. I have a client that comes in every week just for toenail clipping and face cleanup. (She thankfully was referring to a Schnauzer.) I also have a gentleman that brings in his six Shih Tzus once a month to have their ears plucked and fur trimmed.”

There are the rare times when an animal needs sedation to be groomed. Thankfully, my water-loving, “I love everyone on the planet” Golden did not fall into this category. “We prefer not to sedate but we want to keep our fingers,” stated Sherburne. “If an animal is difficult to work with and does require sedation, it is nice to have a vet on site.”

A normal groom lasts roughly two hours. Sherburne offers breed specific styles and other options requested by her clients. “We have scarfs for all the major holidays. We also have had requests for mohawks and ‘flames’,” she stated. In regards to Nala, I thought it best to stick with something a bit more traditional.

I found Overmeyer Grooming to be a friendly, clean environment to take my “fur baby.” Sherburne told me that she loves what she does and plans to continue until she retires. She stated, “The most rewarding thing is to see how happy owners are when they come and pick up their pet and it smells and looks wonderful.” I must say, picking up my mud puddle-loving Golden and having her smell clean and looking freshly groomed was a wonderful, happy moment.