Interrupt Marketing expands in the Maplewood Marketplace building

–by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

CEO Bill Rossiter of Interrupt, which is a strategic branding and marketing firm located in the Maplewood Marketplace Building in downtown Sylvania.

“Our team really enjoys being in downtown Sylvania,” said Bill Rossiter, Interrupt CEO. “We love our space in the Maplewood Marketplace building, and we recently expanded that space to accommodate our growth.”

According to Rossiter, leasing the adjoining 1,100 square feet of space was part of the company’s future growth plans. “We had the right of first refusal on that space, so when the previous tenants gave notice late last year, we were ready to expand into that space,” Rossiter stated.

He said Interrupt has experienced double- digit growth, or what Rossiter calls “controlled growth,” consistently over the last 10 years since Rossiter owned Interrupt. However in 2016, Rossiter stated “we blew our historical growth rate away by growing exponentially with existing clients and adding some strong new ones.” Because of that growth he said that “we had the need to add more space, and have been very lucky to add several amazing members to our team.”

He added, “this additional space becoming available came at a perfect time. We are using the space for additional offices, another conference room, a small kitchen and lounging spaces. We are also able to house our ping pong table in the new space as well.”

The Interrupt space was awarded an American Institute of Architects Award for Best Interior Design. Anita Holman, Interrupt’s executive creative director and brand strategist, was also the vision behind the interior design of the space. Holman stated that “the space is a great selling point when clients come in across North America. This space, with its traditional brick and glass, wood accents and warm colors, reflects many of the products offered by our clients, and also was designed to embody Interrupt’s unique brand.”

“It’s an amazing space for our clients, our culture and our team,” Holman emphasized.

Interrupt is a strategic branding and marketing firm that works with Fortune 1000 building product and home improvement companies across North America. “We believe in the Power of Focus. We are very selective on working with the right type of client that fits our business model. We are more than a mere agency; we become a strategic business partner with each of them,” stated Rossiter. “We lead from strategy and then provide powerful branding, creative and marketing solutions to generate a unique brand experience and profitability for our clients.”

In addition to working with clients, the Interrupt team is also very community minded. “Giving back is a big part of our mission as demonstrated with the many events we do each year as a team,” he said. Each year in February, the Interrupt team travels to Matt Paskiet’s glassblowing studio, Firenation, where they engage in a team- building event resulting in hand-blown glass hearts of all shapes and sizes. Those hearts are offered for sale through an online auction in time for Valentine’s Day with proceeds benefiting the American Heart Association. The Interrupt team also spends time helping out at inner city churches, supporting the Toledo Northwest Ohio Food Bank, and collectively rides over 1,500 miles each summer during the MS Bike to the Bay event.

Interrupt is committed to bringing a focus on art to Sylvania. Local artists are encouraged to display their artwork on the Interrupt “gallery wall,” which is often featured during the monthly Red Bird Art Walks throughout downtown Sylvania. Recently, local artist Matt Taylor was commissioned to complete an indoor graffiti mural in Interrupt’s large kitchen area in the center of the building where team members can prepare and eat lunch or hold brainstorming sessions.

Fun is also a part of the Interrupt team’s overall schedule. While ping pong contests occur throughout the year when team members challenge each other along with visiting clients, an Interrupt tournament is held once a year. In addition, there is a foosball table and video game table near the lobby, signaling to all that fun is a big part of this company’s culture. Interrupt also has an Interrupt band, the Interrupters, which practices regularly in the mezzanine and sometimes plays around town. “In fact it’s a common interview question to ask candidates if they have any musical experience,” he stated.

Rossiter wouldn’t say who wins the most ping pong championships, but his grin notes that, maybe, he is pretty competitive.

Rossiter spent 21 years in the corporate world where he was involved with leading teams or businesses around sales, operations, marketing and demand creation. In 2007, he bought a local marketing firm, which he and his team transformed to into a specialized strategic branding and marketing firm to partner with clients helping them to optimize their profitability. Rossiter credits his business acumen and success to “the amazing team I am blessed to lead, and the many mentors I have been lucky to have worked with through the years.” In turn, he is a guest lecturer each quarter at his alma mater, the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. Last year, he also published Diverge: Break Away from Business as Usual, a business book filled with his insights and unique techniques for business success.

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