THE MOUSE TRAP — 03.21.17

–by Janice Weber

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Tablet Versus Computer
When looking for a computing device, there are many options out there. Two of those options include a full-fledged computer system (either desktop or laptop) and a tablet. Both can provide computing capabilities, run software, and perform other tasks, but there are many factors to consider between the two options.

I would first ask what are you going to use this equipment for? A computer has a larger storage capacity and a heftier operation system for doing large calculations. A computer (PC) is more cumbersome than a tablet with a much higher price tag. PC software is more robust while there are millions of apps available for tablets to get most jobs done.

I meet quite a few people that all they do is use the Internet for shopping and banking and social networking. They do not create many documents and don’t store photos. These people I suggest they just own a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard if the touch screen is awkward. A great tablet will run from $100 to $400. The difference is screen size and storage. Consider an iPad mini for around $2-350. With this 7-inch sleek tablet you can write documents, take pictures and store them on the pad or in an online cloud. For $1 a month you can store years of photos in the iCloud. And yes, you can email, surf the web, Skype video chat, play games, and access Netflix and Hulu. An Android tablet has the same features along with storage chips you can buy to connect to the tablet for more storage. Apple products avoid more viruses than androids but there is an app for that.

If you want to compose letters, create spreadsheets, plus edit videos you will need a computer to load the software needed to have the capability. They run from $400-3,000 depending on the strength of the components. Consider a Hybrid or Chromebook for $250 or a refurbished PC. If you look online perhaps and Best Buy and Costco, you will find endless choices and the convenience of having a local store to return it to if you are not satisfied.

Today, many people have a tablet and computer in their homes and use a tablet for browsing the Internet and other small jobs and a computer for more complicated projects. If you are trying to decide between only a tablet or computer, also consider a hybrid computer that offers the best of both a laptop and tablet. A tablet is perfect for travel and long hours of waiting in a variety of places like airports and doctors offices.

Computer Classes Are Available
Although MS Word and Excel have concluded for this semester, I will be teaching MS PowerPoint at the Eberly Center on the campus of UT. Parking is free and the class is very inexpensive. Please check out my website for dates and times ( This semester all classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. If you prefer personal tutoring, that is my specialty. It’s just you and me. Call 419-530-8570 to register for classes at the UT campus. Contact me personally for tutoring 419-318-9112.

I will be teaching a Beginners Facebook Class at the Sylvania Senior Center April 26 and 27. Call 419-885-3913 to register. There is a small fee.

Let’s Get Together With Your Laptop

Would you like to have a mini informational get-together? Recently I have been teaching PC and iPhone/iPad classes anywhere that has Wi-Fi. Informal and informative. We all use the same local Internet. We will pick a topic using open discussion. It is amazing how many different issues are solved. Bring a list of questions. Let’s get started. Got a small business; I can customize a class for your staff.

I Make House Calls

I will come to your home or office and help you with almost any predicament including repairs, upgrades and general software or hardware issues. I can be your resident “Geek.” I have an endless amount of patience and knowledge with years of experience. Give me a call at 419-318-9112. References and rates are always available upon request. Don’t forget to sign up for my free newsletter at Subscribers will get a copy of this article plus added hints, tips and trusted/valuable web-links.

Janis Weber, B.A., owner of Ohio Computer Training & Support, is a professional computer adjunct instructor at UT and Lourdes University. All classes are offered through the Eberly Center at UT with free parking. Email any specific questions or comments to or contact her for assistance at 419-318-9112. Public classes are listed on her website The classes at UT offer inexpensive and totally nonintimidating. Call 419-530-8570 to register. Private tutoring and repairs are just a phone call or email away.