City Council Approves Sylvania Library Expansion

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough welcomes Toledo Lucas County Public Library Deputy Director Jason Kucsma and Director Clyde Scoles to the March 13 City Council meeting to approve a special use permit for the renovations for the Sylvania branch library.

Sylvania Community to be ‘Bookended’ by Modern Libraries
An enthusiastic Sylvania City Council approved a request by the Toledo Lucas County Public Library to amend the building’s special use permit, allowing for the expansion and renovation of the Sylvania Branch Library. The 18,170-square-foot Monroe Street building was constructed in the 1950s and has not had a major update since 1989.

The expansion will add 4,090-square-feet, bringing the total square footage to 22,260. The design will focus on improving the entry-way experience, create a highly engaging and interactive children’s area, and add a glassed enclosure with fireplace to the back of the building. Overall renovations will update and expand the meeting spaces, create flexible study rooms, add a makerspace, technology and business center, and introduce a laptop bar, and vending café. The collection size will not change, though efforts will be made to improve visibility, access, and popular material displays.

“We pay a great deal of attention to how Sylvania customers use this library and our intention is to enhance their experience and improve upon how they already use this space,” said Clyde Scoles, director of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, adding “each of our library locations is unique, and we’re very conscientious of maintaining these identities. In every way, this expansion and renovation will reflect a balance of modern and traditional.”

Council member Mark Luetke complimented the Library for listening to public comment and praised the design and its use of space, while Councilman Doug Haynam spoke of his appreciation for the Library’s presence in Sylvania – both the addition of the King Road Branch and the remodeling of the Sylvania Branch – calling the Library a “visionary in the community and a proponent of community health and quality of life.”

The exterior is meant to be a modern complement to the traditional brick and archway aesthetics of the downtown Sylvania area, with the glass additions creating a naturally bright, light-filled interior space inviting people walking or driving to see what’s happening inside.

“The city is very excited about having two libraries in the community – one near each high school,” said Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough. “We’re very fortunate.”