Redistricting task force to release boundary maps, community survey before spring break

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

The redistricting task force is completing work on the new boundary maps that will be released on or around April 10 according to Adam Fineske, Sylvania Schools Executive Director and task force co-chairman. “Those maps will be accompanied by a community survey,” he pointed out. “The survey will be available on our website for two weeks through April 24. We know that the community is most eager to see these boundary maps and we are anxiously looking forward to listening to their feedback on the survey to help us make the best decision,” he said.

“The task force will analyze the data collected from the surveys and will make their recommendation for either Option one or three based on what the community values and what is best for kids,” Fineske noted. “We continue to listen to the community and its feedback weighs heavily on the report we will make,” he emphasized.

That task force recommendation will be proposed to the School Board for a vote at the May meeting.

Option one is proximity based and students will attend the schools closest to where they live. Grade configurations in each school will stay the same. All seven elementary school boundaries would be adjusted to balance enrollment. Students would attend the middle school based on his or her proximity to the building and not necessarily the elementary school he or she attended.

Option three is based on keeping students together from kindergarten through 12th grade in a consistent feeder pattern. Maplewood and McCord will be converted to house fifth and sixth grade students. HillView, Highland and Whiteford elementary school students completing fourth grade will attend Maplewood for fifth and sixth grade and Arbor Hills for seventh and eighth grades. Those students will attend Northview High School.

Central Trail, Sylvan and Stranahan elementary school students completing fourth grade will attend McCord for fifth and sixth grade and Timberstone for seventh and eighth grades. Those students will attend Southview High School.

“After adjustments to the options have been made there is really not major cost factors involved for either option,” Fineske offered. “The task force has been also looking at proposed growth trends, which we are factoring in our process. This is an extensive process and the task force is working diligently. It is also very encouraging to see how the community is interested, involved and invested in this process,” he added.

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