Smart tech used by St. Joe’s to stop flu

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff


From the thousands of applications for Kinsa’s FLUency program, St. Joseph School Sylvania has been given Smart Thermometers donated from Kinsa, a health technology company headquartered in California, for early detection and containment of the flu.

As schools everywhere battle the end of this year’s flu season, St. Joseph School Sylvania has had a little help from Kinsa in beating the bug this year and keeping more kids healthy with the assistance of Kinsa Smart Thermometers. Just one year ago, St. Joe’s closed its doors for three days due to a flu epidemic. This may have contributed to why St. Joseph School was selected as one of just 500 schools nationwide to participate in Kinsa’s FLUency school health program. As part of the program, all SJS families have received a free Kinsa Smart Thermometer, normally priced at $19.99 retail. This has allowed those opting to participate, to see anonymous information about symptoms and illnesses going around the school.

“The flu is disruptive to learning, challenging for parents who must find childcare, and hard on schools that are already struggling with strapped resources,” explained Kinsa founder Inder Singh. “In addition, to the disruption, it is heartbreaking for both parents and students. Since the thermometer is the first thing a parent uses when their child falls ill, we designed Kinsa to be smarter, capturing symptoms and providing guidance on what to do next.”

“Our priority is keeping our students in class learning,” explained Carol Lindsley, assistant principal of St. Joseph School Sylvania. “With this innovative program, we hope to contain the spread of illness, increase attendance, and continue giving our students the education they deserve.”

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