Redistricting Task Force to combine options for revised hybrid model

–by Sylvania AdVantage Staff


“We’ve listened to what the community has had to say in two separate surveys,” noted Adam Fineske, Sylvania Schools Teaching and Learning Executive Director and Redistricting Task Force co-chairman. “The feedback that we have received from close to 1,000 community members on our latest survey indicated that a hybrid model containing the best of both Option Number One and Option Number three is what we need to develop,” he explained.

A small group of task force members will be working on this to design a revised plan using the best parts of Option One and Three and will take a final look before the next board meeting on May 8.

The current grade configurations and buildings will stay the same. The seven elementary schools will feed to three junior high schools that feed to the two high schools. The boundary maps will be revised and redesigned to balance enrollment across the district and keep in mind socioeconomic diversity at all levels. “In our new hybrid model we will be trying our best to keep elementary children together from kindergarten through 12th grade, which we learned through the surveys was one of the major positives from option 3 from our parents, “ Fineske reported.

“With this hybrid plan, we are able to meet all of our goals with this redistricting task,” he pointed out. “We are able to best use district resources to make a greater educational impact. We will have a better balance of enrollment in each of the schools and we will achieve adequate class sizes,” he said.


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