THE MOUSE TRAP — 05.16.17

–by Janice Weber

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Choose Your homepage
The web browser is a funny thing. Thanks to the internet it’s become one of the most-used programs on our computers, but many people don’t really understand it. That’s why in the past we’ve tackled common browser myths and misconceptions that many people believe but shouldn’t. What’s the first thing you see when your browser starts up? If you’re using Internet Explorer, it’s probably MSN’s website. Chrome loads up a modified Google page and Firefox and Microsoft Edge have their own start pages. But if the first thing you always do after the browser starts is go to Facebook or your email, why not have your browser start there? It saves you an extra step and it’s easy to do. Let’s look at the various browsers to see how to set your homepage.

In Chrome, click the icon in the upper right with the three horizontal bars and choose “Settings.”
In the left column, choose “Settings”
and then to the right look under “On Startup.”
Set it to “Open a specific page or set of pages”
and then click the “Set pages” link.
Type in one or more web addresses and click OK. The page or pages will load up when Chrome starts.

In Microsoft Edge, click the icon in the upper-right corner with the three horizontal dots and select “Settings.”
Under “Open with,” select “A specific page or pages”
and then select “Custom.”
Type in a web address and click the plus sign to the right.
You can do this multiple times to add multiple pages or click “X” next to a page to remove it.
When you’re done, click the icon with the three horizontal dots again to close the settings area.

In Firefox, click the icon in the upper right with the three horizontal bars and choose “Options.”
On the General page, set “When Firefox starts” to “Show my homepage.”
Then under that, type in the address you want for your homepage.
Click OK.
If you want to load multiple pages on startup, load them up in tabs first and then click the “Use Current Page” button.
Or you can click “Use Bookmark…” and select a folder of bookmarks.

In Internet Explorer, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner and
select “Internet Options.”
Go to the General tab
and under “ homepage” enter the web address or addresses you want to see on startup.

In Safari on Apple, go to Safari >> Preferences.
On the General tab, go to “Homepage” and type in an address or addresses.

Zoom Text
Have you ever visited a page with text that was too small to read comfortably? If you’ve ever found yourself leaning too close to a computer monitor, you need to know this. To zoom text and images in any browser, just hold CTRL and press the plus key to zoom in. Hit plus a few times to zoom in even farther. Too far? Hold CTRL and press the minus key to zoom back out. CTRL and the zero key resets the zoom level.


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