Entrepreneur encourages support of arts; opens downtown gallery

–by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Rick Stansley adjusts one of the paintings in the new gallery space he created in the back entrance to TK Lanes Boutique and the River Centre Gallery.

Three words describe what Rick Stansley of NZRD Properties feels the Sylvania community does best: art, education, and entertainment. These three words are consequently what he believes the Sylvania community needs to focus more on.

To aid in this focus, he has converted the underutilized space behind the River Centre Gallery and TK Lanes into an art gallery. “There is a small gallery that really complements the other galleries on Main Street. There will be a focus on artwork by Tina Wagenhauser, but other artists will have exhibits as well,” Stansley stated. He is also working with Tessa Mossing of TK Lanes who will manage the gallery and be responsible for sales.

To even further the focus on local artists, Stansley noted that the gallery “will have a select artist of the month.” He is enthusiastic about this platform in which local artists will receive the recognition they deserve. “There are just so many local artists that people don’t know about and will now have the opportunity to display their work here,” he explained.

Stansley is passionate about this project and effort in showcasing Sylvania’s assets, stating that, “I am committed and that is where my focus is.”