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The Mouse Trap — 06.06.17

–by Janice Weber

Janis Weber 2010

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What Internet Speed Do You Really Need?
The internet providers are always shouting that you need more and more speed and they are the only company that can give you the service and speed you require. Take your statement from Buckeye, Frontier or whoever you pay for internet. Someplace on that paper is a number indicating what internet speed you are paying for and the price. If you don’t see it or are confused, pick up the phone and call them (Buckeye is 419-724-9800). Ask what internet speed you are paying for. This is mainly the download speed, which is what downloads information from the internet to your computer. There is also an upload speed but that is how fast you can send information up to the internet or email. There is a vast difference in the numbers.

Now you should search for a website that will measure what speeds you are really getting for the download and the upload. You care most about the download! Here are some suggestions:, speed test.buckeye or They all work equally as well as the other. You do not have to use your provider’s page to do the test. Although they all look different they all have a start button and some animation with the number results for download and upload.

Still with me? Great (if not, go back). Jot down the numbers then compare them to what you are paying for. They should be very close although never exact. Remember, knowledge is power. Now, let’s consider how many devices you want to use in your home at a time. I am talking about your smartphone, smart TV, tablets, reading devices, gaming consoles and music through a Bluetooth speaker. Wow, the 21st century sure has changed the way we connect with the world.

Now we ask ourselves if we ran them all at the same time would they function or behave erratically? There is your first clue that your speed is not high enough. Most homes can survive on 10-12 mega bites per second (mbps). If you have a lot of square footage in your home or the router (internet antenna) is not in the center of the building then you will not get great reception. You can move the router to a better location, get a more powerful router and, of course, pay for faster speeds from your provider. 25-50 mbps is more than enough. Sometimes your wallet makes the decisions. There is something else called a repeater or booster that multiplies your signal throughout the house.

If you want to get someplace faster get a bigger engine in your car. It will cost more, but this is comparable to the internet speed. Slow connecting is annoying, but also beware, you may be paying for too much. I have seen that and explained how to call and lower the speed to meet the minor needs of the household. So, you see it goes both ways. Thanks for hanging in there and reading this whole passage. 

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If you prefer personal tutoring; that is my specialty. It’s just you and me.
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Janis Weber, B.A., owner of Ohio Computer Training & Support, is a professional computer adjunct instructor at UT and Lourdes University. All classes are offered through the Eberly Center at UT with free parking. Email any specific questions or comments to or contact her for assistance at 419-318-9112. Public classes are listed on her website The classes at UT offer inexpensive and totally nonintimidating. Call 419-530-8570 to register. Private tutoring and repairs are just a phone call or email away.

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