Libby Stupica
Libby Stupica

Summer is coming!
by Libby Stupica

Summer is not so subtly creeping up on us. Temperatures have been in the high 80s and college students free from the shackles of exams taunt every high schooler in the area. Like most of our peers, my friends and I have found it difficult to keep stress levels down as we quickly approach the end of the school year. Final exams cloud the excitement of the approaching break, but we know summer fun is right around the corner (and maybe exam week will go by faster if we stay busy studying). I decided to ask my peers their thoughts about the upcoming exams and what exciting summer plans they have to use as a light at the end of the tunnel. Here are their responses:

“One, I’m most excited for free nights where I can do the things I want, read what I’d like, and maybe even babysit a favorite little friend! Two, finals are a sticky subject for me, regardless. These upcoming exams are worrying me a bit more; however, because I’ve had a difficult time lately with personal issues and tests don’t help me much! I’ll have to make sure to study hard.”-Caroline

“I’m really looking forward to spending time outside and exploring more places around Toledo!”-Jami

“I’m kinda overwhelmed right now and very frustrated, so I don’t know if it is a good idea to print anything that I say right now.” -Anonymous

“On finals: My stress levels are getting pretty high, but I just keep reminding myself that I’ve never not survived exams, and that’s not going to start now! On summer: I’m taking a trip to Europe with my family!” -Claire

“My biggest excitement for the summer is going on vacations and service trips and spending lots of time just hanging out with family and friends with no worries!!!!” -Alana

“I’m excited to travel to Norway, Iceland, Hawaii, and LA this summer! However, it is tempered with the immense stress and lack of motivation in the final leg of my sophomore year. Nonetheless, it’s much easier to work when you have a trip to look forward to!” -Vijay

“I feel that although finals can be daunting, they really push students to relearn the semester’s material so it becomes engrained in their minds long-term. Also, I think many students (including myself!) often make exams more stressful than they need to be. If one has been working hard and getting good grades all semester, their finals grades should naturally follow suit.” –Claire

“My feelings about the future and the summer are synonymous; I am equal parts excited and terrified. There are so many new experiences, and many of them are unknown. As for exams, I feel more of the latter! In spite of hundreds of tests and evaluations, I’m not immune to the fears associated with “bubble fun” and number 2 pencils.” -Sadie

“Finals really help me realize my progress regarding the school and although it is hard, I learn new ways to study and progress. For summer, I’m extremely excited to sleep in! Summer is when I refresh and cleanse myself from all the stress of the school year! I read a lot so that’s when I catch up on all my favorite books and it’s also when I begin crocheting my scarf for next year!”-Ada

“Summer! I am super-r-r-r-r excited for cross-country! I’m also very excited about my vacation to San Francisco for my cousin’s wedding! I am excited to be able to relax and hang out with the people I love most!” -Zoe

“My biggest excitement for summer is to actually paint the mural because it’s always been a dream of mine to paint a mural and it’s finally coming true this summer! I’m creating a mural on the wall of a classroom and the corners of the wall are going to be abstract, bright, colorful shapes with some stars mixed in. Also in the corners, surrounded by the abstract shapes are white boxes that contain symbols of world unity! I just can’t wait!” -Ava

“I am so excited to go to my friend’s house and jump in the pond, followed by fresh fruit and a bonfire!” -Meghan

“I like to think of finals as a celebration of everything I’ve learned over the semester … or a final stab in the back from everything I didn’t.” -Morgan