Lourdes professor to participate in seminar ‘The 20th Century Presidency’

–by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Dr. Alvin “Dwayne” Beggs

Lourdes University recently announced that Dr. Alvin “Dwayne” Beggs, assistant professor of history at Lourdes University, is one of a select group of faculty members nationwide chosen by the Council of Independent Colleges and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History to participate in a special American history seminar on “The 20th Century Presidency.” The multidisciplinary seminar for faculty members in history, political science, and related fields will explore characteristics of 20th-century presidential leadership, including several individual presidents and their presidencies.

From a pool of 77 highly competitive nominations, 30 faculty members were selected to participate in the seminar, which will be held July 23-27 at Stanford University’s Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Center in Washington, D.C.

In announcing the selection of participants, CIC President Richard Ekman said, “Strengthening the teaching of American history at colleges and universities is of critical importance. This seminar will provide a great opportunity for participating faculty members to gain a better understanding of effective leadership and to explore presidencies within the context of the history known then and now. We believe that Dr. Alvin Beggs will play a strong role in the seminar.”

“Dr. Beggs has extensive experience in 20th-century history particularly as it relates to U.S. presidential and congressional relations,” said Dr. Mary Robinson, Chair of the Lourdes University Department of History, Political Science and Geography.

While at Lourdes University, Dr. Beggs has developed several courses including one focused on The Constitution and the Supreme Court. A respected historian, he has presented several times including the 2015 Iowa Conference on Presidential Politics, the 2010 National Policy Conference, and the 2017 Ohio Academy of History. A published author, Dr. Beggs’ work has appeared in Financial History Magazine and he served as editor of the 2016 edition of Northwest Ohio History.

Dr. Beggs’ research has focused on Presidential/Congressional relations particularly as it pertains to Congress and its use of War Powers. He holds membership in the American Historical Association, Phi Alpha Theta, the Society of Civil War Historians, the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, the Association for Asian Studies, and the Society of Military History.

The 2017 National History Seminar participant earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the former Fort Wayne Bible College, a Master of Divinity from the Anderson School of Theology, a Master of Arts in American History and a Doctor of Philosophy in American History with a minor in Presidential/Congressional Relations from Bowling Green State University. Robert Dallek, professor of history emeritus at UCLA who now teaches at Stanford in Washington, will lead the seminar. Seminar participants will consider presidents’ ability to handle domestic and foreign policy leadership as well as personal qualities including vision, charisma, credibility, and communication and consensus-building skills. The seminar will focus on the administrations of three 20th century presidents: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency will be considered in the context of the Great Depression and World War II; John F. Kennedy’s presidency will be reviewed in the context of the Cold War; and Lyndon Johnson’s presidency will be discussed in the context of the Great Society and Vietnam.

The seminar is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Visit the website cic.edu/AmericanHistory
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