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The Savvy Sylvanian — 06.20.17

finds space at Central Storage Depot
–by Mary Helen Dara

Skip Aston, owner of Central Storage Depot, in front of the newly acquired 100% steel storage units.

Perhaps it wasn’t a wise choice for the overly sentimental Savvy Sylvanian to visit the Central Storage Depot, located on 8534 W. Central Ave. The facility offers safe rental spaces for all your needs. The Central Storage Depot can store your precious things until you need them or, as is the case with yours truly, come to terms to letting go.

The family-owned business has been in operation since 1996 and anyone who enters their doors has a chance of meeting owner, Skip Aston, and a guaranteed encounter with the woman who has kept things running smoothly since day one, manager Pat Parker. “We met in church 30 years ago,” recalled Aston. “People just love her. I can’t count the number of people who say they miss Pat when they no longer rent space from us.”

Today the business continues to flourish yet that wasn’t the case in the beginning. “I had an opportunity to buy just the property or to also buy an additional seven acres, which I chose to do,” stated Aston. “After I bought the place, it was discovered that the property sat a little lower than Central Ave. The Sylvania Township made me bring in filler dirt at the cost of $60,000. I thought it was stupid. Normally, I do not like government intervention but the Township knew what they were doing. We are now prepared for the 100-year flood. Frequently in the first year of owning a business, you feel that you have made a mistake. Our first year, only two units were rented, after spending an extra $60,000. Now we have 80% occupancy. It just takes patience and persistance.”

According to Aston, people use the storage facility for a variety of reason including the loss of a house or going through a transition such as divorce. “We have people who store their cars for the winter, furniture and items from a departed loved one and even retired attorneys who are legally required to keep records for a specified amount of years. We have had people whose parents have died store their items here because they can’t throw them away,” stated Aston. “After paying storage fees for a couple of years, they can. It’s a process I like to call ‘storage therapy.’”

Recently, the facility, that maintains its status as the only commercial storage facility in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan to have indoor and outdoor storage, added 20 secure storage containers made of 100% steel. “They are wonderful,” stated Parker. “The units are high and dry and a cheaper alternative to regular storage. The units are weather tight with insulated ceilings, ventilated and ready to be filled by someone in need of space.”

I found it interesting to learn that over half of Central Storage Depot’s renters are women. Once again, Aston sings Parker’s praises. “I know my wife of 42 years is at times a bit directionally impaired,” he said. “Pat (Parker) makes everyone feel comfortable and has formed nice working relationships with our clients. One person she has known since we opened. It’s nice knowing she is here to help assist, guide and direct our customers.” That was music to his ears of this logistically challenged Savvy Sylvanian. I hope to purge some of my belongings after a recent downsize but just in case I have difficulties letting go, it’s nice to know there is ‘storage therapy’ available on Central Avenue.

Pat Parker, left, has been assisting clients with their storage needs since the opening of the facility on West Central Avenue that is greatly appreciated by owner Skip Aston.



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