The Savvy Sylvania – 03.07.18

Salutes the American Legion
by Mary Helen Darah

An exciting transformation took place in downtown Sylvania. The River Centre Gallery changed ownership on March 1. Dani Fuller, former artistic director at the River Centre Gallery, is now the owner/CEO of the new gallery re-named the Fuller Art House. “One major thing I want to stress in this great new adventure is that I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my history with River Centre,” stated Fuller. “I am excited and a little nervous. I am not necessarily a business person, but I have had great training and hands-on experience over the years.” In addition to featuring the work of artists, classes will be held in the gallery. The space will also provide a place for Fuller to do her freelance artwork.

Originally, the River Centre Gallery grew out of art events and happenings through the River Centre Clinic. “When Dani relocated here from Chicago, she helped us by participating in art fairs to raise funds for our River Centre Foundation, and to raise awareness for those battling eating disorders,” stated David Garner, Ph.D., founder, president and administrative director of River Centre Clinic and president of the River Centre Foundation. “We used art to reach out to the community. Although there was not a lot of structure to our methods, an evolutionary process occurred. We acquired Saxon Square’s American Gallery and relocated it to downtown Sylvania. We stayed consistent with our mission to better the community. I have always enjoyed the idea of the birth of things and personal growth development. The River Centre Foundation fulfills an important need. We will continue and grow our relationship with Fuller Art House and its support of the foundation’s core mission to provide research, advocacy and increase awareness for those with eating disorders.”

As the new owner of the Gallery, Fuller will continue collaborative efforts and host events in which the Foundation is involved. “It has been a great relationship that will continue toward a positive future to benefit our community,” she stated.

Fuller is excited to transition to her new role as owner/CEO and to connect with artists. “There is a celebration with every piece of art,” said Fuller. “Their work is an expression of their life’s journey.” The gallery owner also has major plans for the future. “My personality is on the big end. There is a type of art I want to bring to my community that expands beyond the foundation. Owning the gallery gives me the opportunity to jump into the driver’s seat and take my past and jump into the future.”

The new gallery will be closed for roughly two weeks. Fuller hopes that everything will be ready for the upcoming Sylvania April 6 Red Bird Art Walk. “Larry Golba will be presenting a show, ‘metro park’ here,” stated Fuller. “I am going to have a gratitude event most likely the first week in April to thank everyone who has helped me be where I am now and to introduce my mission and who I am choosing to become in this next phase of life.”

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