NV holds Career Tech Day

–by Maxwell Kelso

L-R: Northview Sophomores talk with Officer Philip Gallup about opportunities at the Sylvania Police Department.

Every year Northview High School’s various career tech programs market themselves in a direct fashion to all sophomores. For one day in mid-January, the entire sophomore class is excused from first, second, third and fourth period classes to participate in the Career Tech Tour. 
The event starts with sophomores gathering in the performing arts center and then breaking off into groups. They then visit the different career tech classrooms where they are shown what it’s like in the classroom as well as what the program consists of. After they tour all the tech areas they proceed to the gym where a career tech expo is waiting. They visit the different tables to either sign up, learn more information, or discuss scheduling with teachers.
Seniors and juniors who already participate in career tech classes either run the information booths or act as tour guides for the sophomores. The career tech classes involved include cosmetology, business technologies, medical technologies, early child care and development, educational training, I-media classes, and visual communication design. Tech classes generally take up two periods of the day instead of one, and sometimes a class may take upwards of four periods out of the usual schedule. 
The classes give students an opportunity to get experience and, for some, college credit in a field of their interest. The programs are run through Owens Community College and Lourdes University and are taught by teachers with a master’s degree in the field. 
Classes that are not considered part of the career tech program but have interesting or specific subject matter also participate in the tour and expo. These include the Junior Police Academy, construction crew, horticulture, aerospace engineering and robotics engineering.
While some students may not be interested initially the day gives all students an opportunity to see possible paths for their academic future as well as a future career. 

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