A Love Story …

–by Mary Helen Darah

Mari Davies and Moose celebrate their first year anniversary in December.

There is a “Moose” in the home of Mari Davies. Moose, a 10-year-old golden retriever rescue, has found his forever home. His journey began in early December of last year when his new “mom” was swiping through several dog rescue organizations on social media. “I am a huge dog lover,” stated Davies. “We lost our ‘Welshie” (Welsh Terrier). He was the last of our three children’s childhood dogs that they grew up with. Suddenly Moose’s picture came up on the screen. It was as if he jumped off the screen into my lap. It was that intense. I spoke with my husband who told me to at least call and inquire. I called and left a voicemail for the woman, who was fostering him in northern Michigan, five hours north of here, expressing my interest in the dog. She left a return message saying GRROM (Golden Retriever Rescue of Michigan) has a policy of no adoptions over state lines.” Davies was not deterred. She called a close friend and avid dog lover who lives in Michigan to ask her why they would have such a policy. “She asked me if I wanted her to put in a good word for me. That’s what got the ball rolling,” said Davies. “One of the guidelines required of the rescue organization is a home visit conducted by a local volunteer. A volunteer and her dog came to our house because they wanted to verify that what I told them was accurate. She found that we had everything that was up to code per their adoption requirements. I think having her see a portrait of our dear departed “Welshie” and learning that my husband was the former chairman of the Toledo Area Humane Society sealed the deal.”
Moose’s age was given on the organization’s social media page. “I knew he was 10. I didn’t blink an eye. He was meant to be mine regardless of his age,” she stated. “I did not know anything about his history, but his soul sang to me.” Davies eventually learned from the foster parent that Moose was found wandering around Highway 31 near Elk Rapids, Mich. “A good Samaritan stopped the car and opened the door and he hopped in,” stated Davies. “He had a collar and all of his tags, so she was able to find his home. The homeowner was doing work outside and she asked if this was his dog. He said he always gets out. The good Samaritan asked if the owner really wanted him. He told her that they were redoing their house and that they really didn’t have time for him anymore. The good Samaritan took him to the Silver Muzzle Cottage, a rescue cottage for senior dogs.”
Moose spent some time at the cottage until they were able to get a foster for him. He went to live with his foster mom and dad and their three dogs while they were in the process of putting him up for adoption.
Three days after the home visit, the Davies home started to fill to the brim with family members from all over the country for the holidays. Two days before Christmas, Davies headed north with her sister to pick up her forever friend.
“I immediately made the choice to change his name from Zeus to Moose because he is a northern boy and I have loved spending time in Maine. I would also like to stress to people the importance of using pet shelters instead of getting animals from a pet store. It perpetuates a tragic situation for those animals.”
The Davieses are enjoying their “silver senior” and feel blessed that they did not let “ageism” deter them from adopting Moose. Mari Davies stated, “We are bringing each other incredible joy and proving age is a state of mind. We are all going to be gone someday so celebrate every day you have … whether it is 10,000 or 1,000.”

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