Sylvania Township Fire Department receives new state-of-the-art air packs

by Mary Helen Darah
PUBLICATION DATE: January 21, 2020

Sylvania Township Fire Chief Michael Ramm is excited that his force will have the latest and greatest in safety air packs. The new Scott air packs will provide firefighters with greater situational awareness during fire-ground operations. “We were able to receive a 10-percent matching grant from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management) that enabled us to get this up-to-date equipment,” stated Chief Ramm. “These air packs have the latest technology and we are thrilled to have them.”
The packs are rated for 15 years. The older packs the Sylvania Township Fire Department currently has will remain in use until their service life comes to an end. “Some of the new features with the Scott Air Pack include a lighter pack and harness and contained lines which means greater safety for our firefighters with a reduced risk of getting their lines tangled,” noted Chief Ramm. “The packs can also be taken apart for regular checks and sent in for service when needed. The packs also have a ‘buddy breather.’ If one pack malfunctions, a firefighter may breathe from another firefighters pack. Also, the packs have an alarm that will engage if it senses the firefighter has been still after 30 seconds. By the way, if you see our firefighters wiggle on a call they are resetting their pack so the alarm doesn’t go off. There is also an alarm that the firefighter can pull if they are in trouble.”
The grant totaled $345,125 that included close to $100,000 that the department added. “These packs are wonderfully designed and will add to the safety of our firefighters,” Chief Ramm offered. “We want to provide the best equipment for our rescue workers and provide breathable air in dangerous atmospheres.”

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