COMPUTER 101 — New Windows 10 in S Mode

The Mouse Trap
by Janis Weber
PUBLICATION DATE: March 17, 2020

Those who love Windows 10 need to know about a huge change that’s available now. Even if you don’t love it but your company or school uses it, you need to know about this too.

It’s an entirely new operating system that has some compelling reasons to give it a try. If you want an inexpensive option to securely use the internet and familiar programs from Microsoft Office, this new operating system could be for you.

Just what is this new format of Windows 10? Here’s a little background. Windows 10 S is pre-installed on laptops like Microsoft’s Surface Laptop. It’s a streamlined operating system that is designed to be secure. That includes giving users access to only software programs that Microsoft has rigorously screened. Apps can only be downloaded from the Windows Store.

The good news about Windows 10 S is that it is a more secure operating system than the standard version of Windows 10. It’s also a lot more secure than older versions of Windows. Microsoft, to its credit, has made huge advances on security with Windows 10. That includes the new Windows 10 S. If you aren’t using 10 S, there’s a good chance the younger adults in your family are using it or are thinking about getting it. They are up on all the newest and greatest, as always.

Here’s everything, good and bad, that you need to know about Windows 10 S.
For starters, of course, “What does the S stand for?” Secure, streamlined, superior performance is the soul of Windows 10. The good news is this computer starts much faster. You will get up to 14 hours of battery life. The S mode comes preinstalled and averages around $300. The bad news is that you cannot download or install anything that is not available in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft’s relatively new, secure and perfectly OK web browser, Microsoft Edge, is the only web browser you’ll be able to use, so, no more Firefox or Chrome. Microsoft has made a valiant effort to compete with Google with its search engine Bing, but it’s just not as good. You could compare this to a sophisticated Chrome Book with more storage and more power.

Here is a big question, and the answer. If you want to get out of S Mode and return to a standard (more vulnerable) Windows 10, can it be done? Yes, there is no effect on the warranty. However, here’s an unknown note. Can you undue this action and return to S Mode? The answer is NO. You must decide which one and stick with it forever.

I believe the Windows 10 S Mode has a dominant place in the wide scope of computers. Not everyone wants or needs a full powered machine. It looks like a laptop, acts like a laptop, is more secure than a standard laptop and is much less expensive. If you don’t want a tablet with its limitations then this new Windows 10 S Mode is perfect for you.

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