A note from mayor craig on Covid-19


Events are happening fast surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In all my years as mayor I have never had events and conditions change faster than they are now, even following the 9/11 terrorism attack and the water crisis of a few years ago. I thought I would share updates about the city of Sylvania and some of my actions and challenges to date with you. Remember, however, these newspaper columns take several days to reach you and ongoing events may have outpaced this update before you read it.

First and foremost, the city of Sylvania is working to do all it can to keep our residents safe. We will continue to provide our vital local services: police protection, fire and emergency medical services, water and sewer services, and trash/recycling services. Like you, however, we are obligated to follow the pandemic directives of our federal and state governments. City services are considered essential and will continue.

For me, that has meant reviewing and approving actions I never would have thought of considering in the past. First was the need to lock the doors of City Hall and other city facilities to keep city government functioning with less threat of infection. Too many people coming and going raised the possibility of the virus being brought in and infecting city workers, leading to them being quarantined and unable to serve our residents.

Next was the need to platoon our employees for the same reason. Beginning Monday, March 23, half of city workers are reporting one day, the other half the next, and so on, to reduce the number of workers coming in contact with each other and reducing the risk of the virus spreading through all of our city workforce.

I am proud of our city workers. They are doing their duties and continuing to provide our vital city services. And they are doing it despite the possibility of infection, perhaps putting themselves and their families at risk more than the rest of us.

This is so different from the 9/11 crisis almost 20 years ago. Then, the role was to be seen and bravely carry on despite the risk of terrorism. Now the need is to carry on, but not to be out and around in a way that can contribute to the spread of the virus to others in our community.

Kudos to the leadership of Governor Michael DeWine for making the tough decisions and giving the rest of us direction, and doing it early from a position of research and knowledge. We are fortunate to have someone with his experience and character leading Ohio.

The Lucas County Emergency Operations Center is also properly organized and functioning well. We are in contact with them every day. Thank you to Sylvania City Council for your confidence and support.

Thank you to all Sylvanians for doing your part.
Please follow the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control for hand washing and social distancing.

Stay home all you can, especially if you are ill.
Check on family members and neighbors. Be safe and be well.

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