Reflections–Young Americans …


America is a really young nation as far as nations are concerned. So whether you are 18, 31, or 81, you are, in terms of a nation, a . … Young American.
Young Americans are many things, hard working, creative, dedicated, compassionate and innovative.
Americans have always stood tall in the most difficult times.
When Americans are pushed up against a wall they fight back.
They RESPOND. They become STEELY.
They DON’T back down from any challenge that threatens our way of life. That is the true fabric of all of Young Americans.
We talk a lot about heroes in our great country. Many people think that sports people are heroes. But in reality they are not; they are entertainers.
This incredibly difficult challenge that we are now facing with the coronavirus will remind us once again who real heroes are in the US. They are doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, teachers, political leaders, judges, and everyday parents who are protecting their kids.
America is a nation of steel-like determination, that will forge together to do whatever we need to do to overcome and survive and eventually thrive again.
Young Americans will make that happen. They won’t BACK DOWN…
Tom Cole is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Taylor Automotive Family and teaches broadcasting at Saint John’s Jesuit and Adrian College.

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