Local bakery offers sweet treats for superheroes

by Jen Ruple

Jennifer Valo, owner of The Next Sweet Thing Bakery and Coffee Shop at Mayberry Square, is sharing her handmade sweets with essential workers through her Sweets for Superheroes Cookie Campaign. The program gives customers an opportunity to order personalized cookies to be delivered to a specific location. “For every dozen campaign cookies ordered, the bakery will match the order with a dozen donuts,” said Valo.
Valo got the idea for the campaign through a customer who had ordered cookies for a baby shower. “The baby shower was cancelled, but the woman didn’t want to cancel the cookie order. She asked for them to be donated to a hospital instead,” Valo explained. “I had been dropping off donuts to places here and there on my way home, but it was then when we decided to make it an official program.”
The campaign kicked off on Saturday, April 18. “We dropped off five dozen decorated cookies, five dozen donuts, and a dozen cupcakes to the emergency department at St. Luke’s Hospital,” said Valo. Her next stop was the USPS in Maumee.

The reaction from the staff members when Valo shows up with treats has been heartwarming. “That’s the best part. They are usually super surprised, kind of like a happy shock,” she said. “It’s an amazing feeling.”
Orders for cookies can be placed online at thenextsweetthing.com/shop. Customers have the option to select the location, the department, or even a person they want them to be delivered to. “The cookies are custom made for each location and can include the name of the business, specific colors and personalized messages,” offered Valo.
For those wishing to have items other than cookies and donuts delivered, it is best to call the bakery at 567-455-5903. Sweets for Superheroes will be delivered on Saturdays and orders are accepted up until 1 pm the Friday before.
“So far we’re on track to go through May 28 for the campaign,” said Valo. “I am so thankful we are able to stay open and do business. I want to be able to honor those whose lives have been turned upside down and do something to brighten their day.”

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