The Spot Sylvania opens in OakTree Plaza

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

For the past several years, wellness coach Tiffiny Mullins has been building her business from home, providing meal replacement shakes, teas and coffees to clients. “Over a year ago, I helped a teammate of mine open her brick and mortar facility and saw the success she experienced. I thought opening a place of my own was the next logical step for me and my team,” Mullins stated.

Mullins opened The Spot Sylvania in the OakTree Plaza in late May, offering temporary curbside service. When she feels conditions are safe to open, The Spot will be able to accommodate 25 guests at one time with seating
at the health bar, the tall tables or the lounge area, complete with a TV. “We have comfortable, cozy seating with USB ports in each of the three areas. We want this to be more than a health bar. We anticipate our guests hanging out here, meeting friends or business associates, doing homework or work and just enjoying the space,” Mullins offered.
Hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday; 8 am to 4 pm Saturday; and 9 am to 3 pm Sunday.
“I knew I wanted to be in the Sylvania area as I live here, my kids go to school here and my family is immersed in the Sylvania
community. I looked at several locations with help from Realtor Michael Howard of Colliers International and selected OakTree Plaza primarily because of the longevity of its tenants, such as Barry Bagels who has been in business since the 70s,” she said.
“Our name came from people wanting to know our location so Sylvania had to be a part of it and I liked the idea of people saying ‘meet me at the spot.’ Hence, we came up with The Spot Sylvania,” Mullins noted.
“All of us who work at The Spot as wellness coaches can help individuals reach his or her wellness goals,” she promised.

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