Peer-led FiA empowers members

by Mary Helen Darah

Females in Action
Janet Moore, NP, a pediatric nurse practitioner living in Sylvania, finds empowerment in FiA (Females in Action). FiA is a peer-led, zero-cost, non-profit workout group. The national organization launched a local Toledo-Sylvania group in September of 2017. “Ashley Helton originally started the FiA group here in Sylvania,” stated Moore. “Nationally it started in Charlotte, NC years before. I am the second regional leader. FiA Empowers women through fitness, faith and fellowship.”
FiA welcomes women of all ages and fitness levels. “The age range of women is from 17 to 70 and everything in between. We have a consistent workout schedule and we are always outside, even in the winter,” stated Moore. “We share photos with women from across the nation who believe 50 degrees is cold. We have the photographic proof that it is chilly here. I enjoy the noncompetitive environment. The workouts are you against you. You are challenging yourself instead of competing against the other women. Most workouts are bootcamp style or what is called rucking, which is walking with a weighted backpack, which stems from a military premise.”
All of the activities are decided by who is leading the workout. “None of us are professionals. The activities are free of charge and volunteer led. FiA members lead the group,” stated Moore. “We currently have nine workouts available per week, which includes bootcamps, rucking and running. Some women will focus on core work, lead a jazzercise class or a hike. It is up to the member to decide. No equipment is shared and all you need is your own weights, a mat and water. There is presently no sharing of equipment due to the pandemic and we keep appropriately safe distance for health safety.”
Members feel the rewards of membership include the camaraderie, confidence, and the bonus of increased health and wellness. It is a faith-based organization but FiA welcomes members of any or no denomination. “The group also sponsors various community service projects such as assisting SCAT and the Ronald McDonald House. We do outside workouts and get together socially. We had a soup night and holiday party this past year. There is also a men’s organization, F3, which is like ours. We try to do some combined events and activities with their chapter,” stated Moore.
Local membership is currently over 100 members. “You can join workouts nationally if you are out of town,” said Moore. “I went to join a group at the beach when I was in another city. You are always welcome. Attendance is not taken. However, when someone comes for the first time, they share things about themselves and we give them a nickname. I am ‘Nurse Ratchet’.”
Moore and her fellow FiA members hope to continue to grow their group and build relationships through faith fellowship and fitness.
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